lotr theatrical trilogy blu / star trek heads home.. to uk / today

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TheDigitalBits has early cover art for the Warner Bros Blu-ray release of The Lord Of The Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy, expected in stores later this year. It will only include the theatrical versions of the three films because Peter Jackson & Co. are holding off the extended versions for a “ultimate” box set release closer to the release of the new Hobbit films. Releasing these as separate editions with multi-colored Blu-ray cases like the theatrical DVDs would probably make me more likely to pick these up (mostly due to the $99.98 SRP for the whole set). Otherwise, I’ll wait to see what they have planned for that second release. :p

Star Trek will be the next movie promotion within PlayStation Home, and it all begins tomorrow — Friday April 17th. It all will start with an exclusive video greeting by director J.J. Abrams followed by the film’s trailer. Then on Monday April 20th, another Q&A session will take place with director J.J. Abrams and stars Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto. And following on April 23rd, virtual Star Trek-themed shirts, skirts and pants will be available… And now for the catch. For the time being, all this will be exclusive to the UK Home region.. Gawdamnit. 😡

I awoke in the morning, then got online again for a while. I did see a little Ellen.. but mainly stayed online. I was waiting for my dad to fall asleep so I could take over the TV early, but that never happened.. But then at about 12:30, he gave it over to me. Then I watched South Park (lol, good episode.. rofl @ that last line, priceless), Reno 911! (lol) and four more episodes of Power Rangers in Space (especially great episodes today, with the whole Astronema drama.. looking forward to “Dark Specter’s Revenge” and the start of the Psycho Rangers tomorrow).

After that, I then got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home (haha, yesterday I complained about small things to do.. now they give us a difficult minigame on a day that I was hoping for something quick :p), then played some LittleBigPlanet (patch update, woohoo.. music player’s cool.. once it’s turned on under Start > Settings, it stays on as long as you’re in your pod or level editing.. and it automatically starts where you left off after returning from a level 🙂 ). And after what seemed like a very short time.. my PS3 time was up. Damnit. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I also got in some Truth-Seekers transcription. I’d really like to get started on the next episode, but I need to get this done first.

In primetime, we watched My Name Is Earl (lol), Parks And Recreation (lol), The Office (rofl), 30 Rock (lol) and House (from Monday, duh.. very good episode 🙂 ). Then I returned to my dark, lonely room like every other night.. Oh wait, sometimes it’s cold too.. Anyway, see ya..

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