Sunday 04.12.2009 — “Hello, I’m the Doctor! Happy Easter!”

I awoke in the morning to my alarm and soon looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I thought Best Buy’s $25.99 price for The Spirit was surprising. Then I saw Frys’ price of $23.99. That’s just one dollar more than the 2-disc DVD. Wow.. I then watched Bleach (better than usual.. nice), four more episodes of Power Rangers in Space (awesome.. again..), Doctor Who (Easter special “Planet of the Dead”.. enjoyed this more than the Christmas special, though I may be partial to Michelle Ryan.. her character was well-done too though :p), Ghost Whisperer (I continue watching this because I think my dad likes it more than I do.. I didn’t like this episode too much), Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire (the one-hour premiere.. not all-out hilarious.. but I was entertained.. in more ways than one 😉 ..look forward to the next episode) and Flashpoint (great episode again this week.. hope Amy Jo returns though).

After all that, it was now time for my dad to watch some baseball game. While he did that, I wrote some more Truth-Seekers.. then got online. Eventually, I made my way to the bedroom DVR and watched Everybody Hates Chris (hahaha) and the latest two episodes of Bones (4/2 & 4/9.. all caught up at last.. until this week’s two new episodes.. damnit :p ..good episodes though, especially the newest.. lots o’ comedy). We had some supper in there somewhere. I was wanting to finally watch some Blu-ray movies tonight.. but then my dad fell asleep.. like usual. Damnit. This is why I have so many unwatched..

My dad finally awoke an hour later, so we fit in one Blu-ray anyway — The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008). I just kept hearing all these bad reviews for this remake over on the DVDTalk Forum. They were probably all film snobs who worshiped the original and compared this one to it. I quite enjoyed this movie myself. Very glad I purchased it. I look forward to watching it again someday. I should probably check out the original film on disc 3 eventually too. I haven’t really seen it before.. My dad fell asleep a few times, then just called the movie weird. After that, we filled in the remaining hour with last Monday’s episodes of Surviving Suburbia (eh, I didn’t really like it all that much.. felt like a vintage sitcom from the early 90s or whatever.. except.. not very good) and Roommates (this one looked better, following that one anyway :p ).

I returned to.. Yeah, y’know the rest.. See ya.

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