Saturday 04.11.2009 — Power Rangers RPM on Disney DVD.. What, no Blu-ray?

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the July 7th DVD release of Power Rangers RPM, Volume 1 – Start Your Engines. Woohoo! Let’s hope they release the complete season this time.. and perhaps show them that we actually want a complete season by buying them as they are released..? Can’t wait pick up my copy at least…

I awoke in the morning, then eventually took over the TV. I watched The Soup (lol), Best Week Ever (haha.. except the ending), Free Radio (rofl), Transformers Animated (bleh… sorta glad it’s ending really).. and eventually Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (yay, a very conventional recap episode.. before a very long break filled with repeats.. in order.. nice :p).

And then it was time for another new episode of Power Rangers RPMepisode 1907: “Ranger Red”. Another really good episode this week. As the title implies, this episode flashes back a few times to tell the story of what actually happened to Scott’s brother Marcus just before the season began. Meanwhile, the orange crocodile zord debuts. I particularly liked the closing scene.. and the opening.. and might as well say the stuff in between too. :p

After the episode was over, we headed out to the grocery store again.. Upon arriving home, I watched four more episodes of Power Rangers in Space (still awesome.. and I saw nothing wrong.. probably because I used “Play All” like I said I would :p ..though in the “Last Time” for episode 5, they again removed the word “Ninja”). After that, I began setting some DVR recordings for the coming week. As I neared the end, I noticed that my local affiliate has decided to terminate the 12:30PM “new episode” timeslot for Power Rangers RPM.

I got angry, then I went online and discovered that the next Saturday after that, it’s going to happen again. My ABC affiliate has done this before with other shows. They even remove primetime shows sometimes just to show paid programming that they get a cut out of. A few years back, I e-mailed them about them removing a new episode of Life As We Know It off the schedule and they were nice enough to send me a tape in the mail. But this is different. They think only little kids watch this show, so they think they can cut off the “new episode” timeslot every week so that the “rerun” timeslot will now become the “new episode a whole week later” timeslot. All that so they could move forward their self-programmed Saturday afternoon schedule and fit in an extra infomercial. And they already have shitloads of infomercials overnight, every night. Fucking bastards. I went to their website and sent off a rather polite e-mail stating my case. Why didn’t they do this before, when all episodes were technically reruns and I didn’t care? Why now, when this is the ONLY channel where I can see the show? Grrrr..

We eventually had some supper, but I had difficult time eating because I was still so angry about it.. But I eventually attempted to put it behind me (for now) and headed over to the bedroom DVR. There, I watched Bones (the 3/19 episode.. I’m a bit behind again.. liked it more than usual, especially the ending πŸ™‚ ). I wanted to watch more, but I really felt like writing more Truth-Seekers.. and so I did for the next two hours or so. I have the rest of this episode in my head already. Just need to get it down. πŸ™‚

We saw some MadTV and SNL, then I got back online.. and that was.. it.. See ya.

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