dvd ads apr 12-18 / prison break finale & 24 s7 dvd dates / today

Click the corresponding retails for their ads for the week of April 12th to 18th: …Best Buy… Yup. Only Best Buy’s ad will be in this Easter Sunday’s newspaper. Target has decided to once again have their weekly ad be online only at Target.com come Sunday. Good week to do it though. I only had one title I was considering getting this week — The Spirit. But I’m now thinking I won’t (only partially due to how much I overspent last week). Is the movie any good though? Hmm..

Fox Home Entertainment has announced a July 21st release date for Prison Break: The Final Break on DVD & Blu-ray. This 88-minute direct-to-video movie will serve as the true finale to the FOX series, which returns for its final five episodes on April 17th. So it’s possible they did completely film the season before it was officially canceled, then gave the series this chance to wrap up the plotlines. If only John Doe were so lucky. *shakes fist @ series finale cliffhanger*

Fox Home Entertainment has also issued a press release all about the May 19th DVD & Blu-ray release of 24: Season 7. 🙂 Like the cover art.. ‘cept again– the Mike Nelson face. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then I once again took over the TV while my dad was asleep. *evil* I got the PS3 online and checked out the new stuff on PlayStation Home. No Alpha Zone 2 in The Hub yet, but there is a nice Xi shirt to unlock. There’s other new clothing items in the Threads store (some of which are currently free on some international Home servers.. but not here in the US). They’ve opened the store in the RE5 space, as well as a beetle minigame. And of course, there’s the Godfather II space with poker tables. I didn’t spend time there though. I mainly tried to beat the expert modes in Alpha Zone 1. I finally beat Hexopolis, but Maximum Tilt is being impossible.

Eventually (as in, once the mail arrived without the PRiS DVD), my dad and I went to the grocery store.. Upon returning home, I watched another Ghostwriter (“Who Burned Mr. Brinker’s Store?” Parts 1-4.. the true pilot episodes.. it’s funny how Lenny’s apartment changes from one to another then back again :p).. then returned to PlayStation Home. I didn’t really have enough time to do much else, so I just wasted my time there instead. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

Then in primetime, we watched The Office (rofl), Parks And Recreation (lol nice start), The Office (lol both great episodes tonight), 30 Rock (lol), Old Christine (lol) and Gary Unmarried (lol).. And then I returned to my room… Blah blah blahdy blah. No one’s reading this and / or cares anyway..

See ya.

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