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Cartoon Network has announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Decoded will premiere on Friday May 1st at 9PM ET. All 22 episodes of the hit show’s first season will re-air with new on-screen facts and trivia, so sorta like some recent repeats of Lost on ABC. Season Two will then premiere on the network in the fall. Hmm, I may just think about checking this out..

ABC has announced some details of its summer schedule. Ashton Kutcher’s short-lived family game show Opportunity Knocks will return on May 27th at 8PM ET. Six episodes of the series remain.. And more importantly, Pushing Daisies will return on Saturday May 30th at 10PM ET in order to air its three remaining episodes. Talk about a back-alley timeslot. :/

I awoke at 4:30AM to the cat standing by me. I petted him a little, then finished up the previous entry. I don’t even remember going to sleep. Ack.. Just as I was in the process of posting the entry, my cable went out. The TV screen went to a silent black and my internet connection was lost. Ugh.. I surrendered and watched last night’s episodes of Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (haha) and The Mighty Boosh (hehe, wow). During the latter, the cable came back on. It had been off for about 30 minutes.

I then.. fell asleep again.. then awoke shortly after 10AM. That’s less than an hour to get more watching out of the way, so I watched Party Down (lol, really liking this show) and United States of Tara (good episode.. and its the finale until next year.. aw). My dad returned home from dialysis and he eventually watched some Price Is Right (Ellen is reruns this week).

I got online for a while, then I quickly chose something random to watch — the first five episodes of Little Britain: Series 1 (well, first four and the pilot really.. with skits that are just repeated or refilmed later). I ended up regretting it because I had originally wanted to watch Ghostwriter. It’s the series that got me writing in the first place (yes, PBS is to blame), so I wanted to see them again. I torrented the whole series a little while back.. but ended up watching Little Britain instead. It’s pretty funny.. but pretty much the same jokes over and over. :/ My dad eventually headed to bed for a nap..

Once those were over, I then got my PS3 online and found it connected more slowly than usual and immediately attributed it to this morning’s problems with the cable. But I eventually got it all connected and played some.. Grand Theft Auto IV.. just because a majority of my friends list were doing the same. Didn’t go multiplayer though. I just did some missions, then went out on a date.. and got two new trophies in the process (Pool Shark & Warm Coffee). Yay. Now my single “participation” GTA IV trophy doesn’t look as lame anymore. Plus I’m sooo close to Level 3.. I also briefly checked out what was new in PlayStation Home‘s Xi before getting the PS3 offline.

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. Then in primetime, we watched House (wow, some episode.. liked the dreary gray filter after.. something.. happened), 24 (great episode.. curious to see Kim back now) and Medium (another very good episode.. but ack @ the not very “To Be Continued”-worthy ending.. unless that first dream also ends up meaning something next week). Then.. that was it..

SirStack’s new Power Rangers script releases reveal Astronema’s original name was Andromeda. Andros & Andromeda. That would have been way too easy to figure out.. like with Gem & Gemma later this season on Power Rangers RPM. :p See ya.

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