Sunday 04.05.2009 — Power Rangers on DVD (or lack there-of…)

MarioRanger on RangerBoard works for Foreign Media Group and has been talking about the German Power Rangers DVD sets. He’s recently revealed that the Turbo defects will not be fixed because the production costs would be more than the sales of said DVD set. At least that matter’s closed.. He also mentions that the older seasons can’t be released onto DVD in the US & UK because Saban still owns the rights to Ron Wasserman’s music from the first five seasons or so (Disney does have rights to Super Power’s music however). That and the US DVD sales are not great enough. Possibly because they’ve only released Disney seasons..? And for the most part incompletely..? Disney probably should have announced beforehand that the complete Jungle Fury season was going to be released, like they did with Overdrive. They announced it for Overdrive, sales improved. Then they didn’t announce it for Jungle Fury.. and the low sales got them to cancel the remaining volumes. :/

I awoke pretty early in the morning and watched Bleach (eh.. okay.. I guess) and Aaron Stone (uh oh.. like Kalish’s Power Rangers SPD, this one’s starting to go wrong a bit later into the series as well..). I eventually looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, then watched the first three episodes of Kings (the two-hour premiere and the following episode.. hah, I liked it more than I expected.. nice) and the latest two episodes of CSI (hostage situation episode was good, but #200 was very good too).

After all that, I returned to my room and got online for a bit. Then that turned.. into.. all afternoon. I went around to some sites, then watched more lonelygirl15 If I had known it was all supernatural and sci-fi-ish, I probably would have gotten around to it sooner.. We had some supper, then I finally pulled myself away from the computer in primetime. My dad was watching his County music awards on the living room TV.. so I headed for the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (very good episode), 90210 (..what the heck’s going on with Silver all of a sudden? ack) and Supernatural (another great episode.. the internet scene near the beginning with the mention of slash had me laughing my ass off :p).

And by then, it was already past 11PM. I got online for a while.. then before I knew it, I was awakening the next morning.. Weird.. See ya.

[ The Crash Of ’09 – The Collapse Of ’10 ]
[ Rothschild Muppet Jacques Atali Calls For NWO ]
[ Smooth Criminal Transition From Bush To Obama ]
[ Taliban – Obama’s Plan Will Make Afghanistan Worse ]
[ Obama Endorses Soros Plan To Loot America ]
[ No Repayments – Obama Wants Bank Control ]
[ Obama Admin Helps Firms Circumvent Rules ]
[ Wall Street’s Ownership Of Government ]
[ Wal-Mart, Other Retail Giants Surging In China ]
[ Jobless Aid Running Out For Many In US ]
[ ‘Recession Rage’ Growing In US ]
[ ‘America Sucks’ Said Gunman Who Killed 13 ]
[ Police Assaulted G20 Protester Who Died ]
[ SPLC Responsible For Labeling Patriots Terrorists ]
[ Threat To Shut Down Boston Globe – No Paper Is Safe ]
[ Rockefeller – Feds Want Internet Control ]
[ FBI Raids Dallas ISP Center – Shuts It Down ]
[ Blair Leading To Be Permanent EU President ]
[ Drugs, Fish And Contaminated Waterways In US ]
[ Antarctic Ice Shelf On Verge Of Collapse ]
[ China – Piglet With Two Mouths, Three Eyes ]
[ The MJ-12 Saga Continues – Operation Bird Droppings – Update 1 ]
[ Horrifying Teenage Internet Porn Viewing Plague ]


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