prison break s4 & pushing daisies s2 dvd / today

TVshowsOnDVD has news on a couple of TV series coming to disc with episodes still left to air.. “Prison Break 4: The Final Seasonhas been set for a June 2nd DVD release. But before that, the series will return for its final episodes on FOX April 17th.. And either ABC has let Warner know when they plan to air the the remaining three episodes of Pushing Daisies‘ second season.. or ABC has let them out of their contract to air the episodes before DVD release. Either way, Pushing Daisies: The Complete Second Season has been set for DVD & Blu-ray release on July 21st. πŸ™‚

Last night, I had another dream. My dad and I had to stay inside our apartment after a very unwanted guest came knocking at our door. My dad and I hid from them until the knocking stopped, but still stayed hidden because of his suspicions that they were still out there. All day, we did this. Our home became more of a cage than I ever wanted it to be. We snuck around, trying our hardest to stay out of the windows. But then I woke up…

So I got online for a while. It’s been annoying lately, due to that new virus being in the news. My dad immediately believes the overhyping news about Conficker and must keep me updated as if it’s something really important. Ugh. It’s most likely just another way to make us all scared and then used as a guise to take away our freedoms. Like 9/11 only a lot smaller.. and only this time, the freedoms taken would be of the internet variety. They really don’t like us on the internet, blowing holes through they’re bullshit official stories.

So anyway, I stayed online for a while. But then I heard about the April Fools Day event in Home Japan’s IREM Festival space, so I had to get in on that. :p I snuck back into the living room (luckily my dad had fallen asleep again), then got the PS3 online and headed to Japan. The event, “Irem Black”, featured alternate black versions of the food (ew), balloon and pillow.. thing.. as well as five pretty cool looking alien statues in the target practice game. Oh, and an alien costume for your avatar that would fit right in as an evil grunt on sentai / Power Rangers. Hehe.

There was also new happenings with Xi. There was a great new video.. and a huge “expedition” I couldn’t possibly take a part in. It involves seven billboards with clues on them, spread throughout Europe. Yes, in the real world. :/ ..My dad woke up and took off to the grocery store because some of his.. funds came in. Not long after he returned, we watched Ellen.. then I got back on Home. Damnit. I did get the PC back online for a bit while my dad was gone again (finally fixing the car), but then it was back to Home. I returned to the IREM Festival space in Japan to find that all the Irem Black event stuff was already gone. It was all back to normal..

I then actually played LittleBigPlanet for a little while (*downloads 1.11* yay, update.. *learns about fun glitches in a community level* yay, glitches :p ..wish I could get s’more trophies though). Then I shut off the PS3 in time for some supper and got online to news-gather.. So they’ve already solved the Xi billboards clue. In one day. Wow. I guess more people are doing Xi now that there are Home spaces than before.. when some random person turned in a real-world clue he had found to a member of the official EU PlayStation forum. :p So the gather clue is BADACSONYTOMAJ, a city in Hungary.. or BADAC SONY TO MAJ, which in Polish means “Sony To Test In May”. Test what? No one knows yet. πŸ˜‰

In primetime, we watched Scrubs (lol.. sad how they’re writing out characters in some episodes, such as this one.. they mention an excuse why they aren’t there for this episode, then move on :/), Better Off Ted (lol), Lost (another really good episode.. but that ending… wtf? lol), I Get That A Lot (lol.. ah, Punk’d sorta in reverse.. hope this goes to series, or at least more specials like this one) and.. the last five minutes of the Life on Mars US series finale (so that’s what it was all about.. definitely not worth the boredom.. I only saw episode 1 of the UK series, then a little of the US episode 1.. too damn boring to me, both times.. I can see an episode with a plot like this.. but a series? No thanks).

And later, I was also able to write some more Truth-Seekers. I haven’t been doing much of it lately, but now I have a better idea of what to do for the rest of this episode. A lot of game-changing stuff finally happens. I’m excited.. Well.. see ya..

[ UN ‘Climate Change’ Plan = New World Economy ]
[ Video: Unmasking The Federal Reserve ]
[ SoCal Tent City Residents Must Wear Wristbands ]
[ ‘War On Terror’ Phased Out ]
[ Where Is This New JFK? ]
[ Roberts – Obama’s Attack On The Middle Class ]
[ Mexico’s Fox Calls on Obama To Proceed With NAU ]
[ Netanyahu To Obama – Stop Iran, Or I Will ]
[ Netanyahu Takes Oaths With Warning To Iran ]
[ North Korea Fueling Up Rocket For Test ]
[ Karzai Signs Law Legalizing Rape In Marriage ]
[ Makow – Zionism Means Never Saying You’re Sorry ]
[ Conficker Internet Virus Does… Nothing ]
[ Stop The Internet – I Want To Get Off! ]
[ Something Planned? London CCTVs Turned Off ]
[ PETA Killed 95% Adoptable Pets In Its Care In 2008 ]
[ Recycled Water Causing Pistachio Outbreak? ]
[ Norio Hayakawa Report On Dulce Conference ]
[ Queen Gets iPod From Obama ]
[ Man Dies Using Wii Fit Exerciser ]


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