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I awoke in the morning, and almost immediately got ready and headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up the overly-expensive Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under The Hood on Blu-ray. $26.99 for about an hour of feature content. Yay. :/ Best Buy has a $19.99 DVD steelbook version as well, but I opted for this instead. Steelbooks are getting to be too abundant anyway, causing them to be less coll in my eyes. :p I have a whole box of them already. If there were exclusive features inside, that’d be different.. I also picked up the Now 30 CD. I had heard of its release just days ago, which is definitely not the norm for me. I.. still have Now 29 left unlistened and it came out in November. Haha.

I finally got someone to answer me about the Code Geass Part 3 DVD. They took one look at the “Backordered” listing on their site, said it must be “online only”.. and that was it. Ugh. -_- ..I moved on to my icee, then headed to the grocery store for some things. My dad should really make lists. He just goes in there, buys things.. then comes back home and notices a bunch of stuff he forgot. Only difference now being that he literally can’t afford anything else for the next week. 😦

So I.. picked up.. the new Otaku USA. The April 2009 issue has a six-page article on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It even gets mentioned on the front cover. Cooool.. SO we returned home and watched Ellen, then I watched the last four episodes of Reno 911: Season 5 (yay, over.. haha’s @ the random cliffhanger.. I was a bit surprised by all the strip club boobage during this season being un-mosaiced 🙂 ..Season 6 begins April 1st) and last night’s Secret Life of the American Teenager (for the first time, I can finally say I hated an episode of show.. usually, there were enough good moments to stay interested.. but with story being stretched, the moments I liked were few and far between :/).

I made my way onto PlayStation Home (oh, nothing new.. *wanders around aimlessly* *exits* heh, I always “go home” before exiting.. as in my home space), followed by some time on Lego Star Wars (well, I did horribly on the next level.. haha). We had some supper, then I got online to inventory the new discs and to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Reaper (haha, very good episode this week), Medium (wow, also pretty good) and The Mentalist (pretty good). Then….. my room.. Yeah. See ya.

[ Niki Raapana – Join The ‘Quiet Revolution’ ]
[ China Proposes World Currency ]
[ CIA Fronts Include Wikipedia, CBS, Ad Giants ]
[ IMF – Economic Crisis Will Engulf The World ]
[ Obama, Geithner Gambling With US Financial Reputation ]
[ Obama Bribes Investors To Buy $1T Toxic Debt ]
[ Bailout Rewards Bank Corruption – Economist ]
[ Freeze $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives As First Step To Recovery ]
[ National Service Bill Clears Senate Hurdle ]
[ Obama And His Dick (Cheney) ]
[ Obama & The Neocon Middle East War Agenda ]
[ Cmdr Confirms Netanyahu Mass War Plans ]
[ Zionist Crime Syndicate Organizations In The USA ]
[ Racist, Sexist Israeli Military Shirts Show Zionist Evil ]
[ New MOD UFO Files – Fascinating Stories ]


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