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There was a sizable rise in the ratings for Power Rangers RPM during its second week, with episodes 2 & 3 both receiving a 1.1/5 rating. The previous week’s premiere only got a 0.7 & 0.6.. Yay.. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight also saw a small rise in their rating with a 0.7/3. 🙂

The Xi Alternate Reality Game in PlayStation Home has begun. Today at 10AM ET, the teleport in Central Plaza (as well as the one in the EU Home Square) began working and it sends you to a new space called The Hub. There, you follow clues and perform tasks to help solve a mystery. The first three tasks are currently available and I’ve already played through them all. 🙂 Here’s a little backstory on the mystery that I stole from the forum.. :p

During HOME Alpha testing, everything was normal until “They” figured out Jess was secretly working on a project, apparently alone, code named Xi, which was almost done. Jess went into hiding, but reprogrammed Stapler and the Pods before leaving. Now Miguel (a native Spanish speaker) has let us into “The Hub” to help him find Jess and discover what is Xi. He believes Xi is NOT related to HOME (i.e. Not a new space, new clothes, ect.). He cannot actively look for Jess because he believes the entire AFK team is being watched, but he is ready to help us because “‘They’ can’t watch us all.”

Three million copies of Twilight on DVD and Blu-ray were sold on its first day of release on Saturday March 21st. Heh. :p

I awoke in the morning and made sure to stay up to date about the Xi thing in PlayStation Home on the forum. In between, I watched Tim & Eric (hahaha, so horrible), Look Around You (yay, finale.. don’t have to watch it anymore.. lol @ the “Hot Jon” poster though.. what was up with that? :p) and an episode of Wolverine And The X-Men (ep 19.. very good episode 🙂 ).

I was going to watch a second episode.. but then I heard that the Xi teleport was finally working (it opened at 10AM ET), so I had to get to that right away. The new space is called The Hub. Just like the clues leading up to the release of this space, there are now clues to follow within Home. Awesome. First, I was told to look around the space to collect three pieces of paper. Then I solved a puzzle on a website (via the Hub’s terminals), then received a code to input into my HoloPAD (another terminal-like thing where you keep track of all the clues you’ve found so far). I then went to see Stapler, a robot, for an “expedition”. I got a question which led me back to searching websites, then inputted the answer into the HoloPAD as well. And now I’m already done for the day. Heh. But The Hub looks great. There’s still a lot of stuff locked for now, including the space’s three teleports and the manhole cover in Central Plaza..

I was having so much fun. It was great.. but then of course my dad came home from dialysis to fuck it all up like he always seems to do. He noticed that the cat threw up somewhere, then wouldn’t stop bitching and complaining about what a dump of an apartment we live in.. again. While I at least ignore all the depressing stuff, he has bring it right back out. I quickly shut off my PS3 and got back online and left him to watch Ellen. Then his bitching changed to that directed toward the TV instead. He’s very racist and prejudiced (he once told me he used to be in the KKK, but he lies so who knows), so every day he comes home from dialysis and bitches about Ellen just because she’s gay. He seemed happy that her marriage was made illegal during the election. I get so sick of his crap that I retreat to my room to get away from it. All this has been happening for a while. I just didn’t feel like mentioning it until now.

So I got online for a while to get away from his BS. But I eventually got bored and returned to the living room. I then watched four more episodes of Reno 911: Season 5 (lol), followed by United States of Tara (wow, something exciting finally happened :p) and Wolverine And The X-Men (episode 20.. throughout the episode, I was thinking “how long before they reach.. this particular storyline?” and then the ending did exactly that, yay 🙂 ).

Then I got back in PlayStation Home for a while, mainly visiting the new Xi space.. and other regions. So your Xi progress is saved to your HDD.. since I went to the UK version and didn’t have to play through everything again. Neato.. And just as I was getting bored of Home yet again (I mean, all the Xi tasks were completed.. what is there left?).. it was time to get offline. We had some supper, then I got online and news-gather. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (haha, good episode), How I Met Your Mother (rerun.. *yawn*), Two & A Half Men (hahaha.. rerun), Rules of Engagement (haha) and CSI Miami (eh it was alright)..

Hooray, I made another torrent — Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1. Sure the upload is pretty much non-existant when I’m downloading a torrent.. or completely nonexistant when I switch the modem to my PS3.. But still. I saw no season torrents with complete SC-SDH encodes, so.. yeah.. Plus, I included the movie, the preview special, and the TV Guide Sneak Peek CDROM ISO. 🙂 ..The cash-in four-episode Volume 1 DVD is out tomorrow. I’ll wait for the Season 1 Blu-ray that’s due to arrive later this year though. :p See ya..

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[ Germany & EU Encourage Pedophilia/Incest ]


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