Saturday 03.21.2009 — *monster grows* Ziggy: “What the f– WHOA!”

Henshin Justice Unlimited has received some very positive news concerning the future of Power Rangers straight from Bandai America… “Despite some of the rumors circulating the web, the Power Rangers are not going away in 2010. Disney and Bandai America continue to be committed to the Power Rangers Brand. Disney is producing a Season 18 and Bandai America will continue to develop action figures and toys for fans and collectors of all ages.” Interesting. I sooo hope this is true.. then they somehow get Judd Lynn or Eddie Guzelian back to do said season. 🙂

I awoke at 7AM to my alarm and soon watched Best Week Ever. My dad woke up, I got ready.. and I headed out to media buy..

The Target version of the cover art is better than that actually. I headed to Target shortly after they opened at 8AM (in complete silence), picked up Twilight on Blu, then returned home (in complete silence). I was expected more people, otherwise I probably would have waited until at least the afternoon. I saw about three people pick up copies during the short time I was there.. but that was about it. The Target cover art is nicer, except for the part about the slipcover being non-glossy cardboard. The same art is on the inside, without the blue border and banner. Nice. I also expected Target’s 45min bonus disc to be a DVD (so they could package the same bonus disc in the 3-disc DVD & 2-disc Blu).. but it’s another Blu-ray. Cool. 🙂 If you missed getting these exclusive versions of Twilight, no problem. They’re in next week’s Target ad for the same prices as today ($17.99 3-disc DVD, $24.99 2-disc Blu).

So we got back home and watched My Name Is Earl (lol), Degrassi TNG (I got halfway through watching / taping what I thought was last week’s new episode.. before I realized it was just a rerun.. ack :p), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (very good finale episode.. now I see why they chose it for the finale.. the plot sorta bookends the season), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (neat).. and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (wow, very good episode).

I got online for a bit, then soon watched the new episode of Power Rangers RPMepisode 1904: “Go For The Green”. Ziggy holds comedic America’s Got Talent-style Ranger auditions to find someone to become the RPM Green Ranger. Scott, Summer & Flynn act as judges with red buzzer buttons. Of course, the auditions don’t go well. Until afterward when a beautiful woman named Tenaya shows up to save Ziggy from some mob guy he owes named Fresno Bob. Man, Tenaya 7 is HOT. But I better not continue down that road. You’re probably rolling your eyes already.. I did also enjoy her performance too. In fact, Adelaide Kane is now on Rangerboard asking us fans to sign a petition and get her and other cast to Comic Con. 🙂 ..The first two episodes were great, then last week had a small drop in the awesome, in my opinion. But this episode.. it’s right back up there again. Great episode. I hope I find time to rewatch this one later this week. 🙂

After that, I found time for this week’s episodes of 24 (very good episode) and CSI NY (also pretty good), followed by.. the first four episodes of Reno 911: Season 5 on DVD. I bought this DVD months ago, but was waiting for the new season before rewatching these. And Season 6 begins April 1st, so here we go. :p ..I returned to my room and got online for a while, then soon had some supper. I stayed online for quite a while. But I did make it to the bedroom DVR.. with only enough time to watch the 3/12 episode of Supernatural (very good episode though). :/ Otherwise, I just caught some MadTV and SNL.. and that was about it..

PlayStation Home‘s Xi viral mystery is about to conclude. There have been many video clues within Home so far, but now there’s been one in the real world. An informant leaked sections of a photo one at a time to eventually reveal a location in the UK: a bench on Hamstead Heath. There was much talk in Home’s forums about who in England would visit the location. Then who seems to be a random guy just finds a USB drive attached under the bench while on a picnic and is directed to the PlayStation EU forum, where he sends the contents of said USB drive — a six-second video revealing a date. March 23rd 2009. The event in Home will just happen to go down on the same day that the Game Developers Conference begins. Hehe. This should be interesting…

See ya.

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[ Iranian Expert Says Obama ‘Not A Man’ ]
[ Researchers Can Sniff Keystrokes From Thin Air ]
[ Google’s Spy In Streets Triggers Big Protests ]
[ Military Jets Chase Huge Triangle UFO Over AZ Town ]



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