cat shit one anime / today

How can one possibly take a manga and upcoming anime series about a war between fluffy rabbits and cute kitties seriously? lol. :p “Studio Anima, which primarily produces full CG video animation sequences for console video games, has announced its development of a 12 episode full CG anime adaptation of Motofumi Kobayashi’s 1998 manga series Cat Shit One (three volumes of which were released in English by AD Vision under the title Apocalypse Meow.) The anime series updates the setting of the original manga from the Vietnam War to modern military conflicts and updates the protagonist rabbits from US soldiers to employees of a private military company. The series is designed as a serious and realistic modern war drama that happens to star cute and fluffy animals.”

I awoke in the morning, got some breakfast.. then watched Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (S02E03.. starting in the middle of a series, that’s rare for me.. but Power Rangers Jungle Fury‘s Anna Hutchison gets nekkid in it starting here, so I just had to check that out.. plus the show’s not that bad either :p), Legend of the Seeker (wow, very good episode.. though that may have to do with my surprise over how far that sex scene went in a US syndicated series.. from Disney.. :p) and Eastbound & Down (rofl, another very funny episode). My dad returned home dialysis and saw most of the last show, then we caught some Ellen.

Next, I got online for a bit.. but then I watched The Comebacks: Unrated (mainly to get it over with.. fell asleep through most of it), followed by the final episode of Kyle XY (ABC Family barely promoted the new season, then after just one or two episodes aired they canned it.. sounds like they were looking for an excuse to me.. also notice how the net’s other sci-fi show Middleman was canned at about the same time.. assholes.. could’ve given at least 10 more episodes to wrap up this series, but no.. so all we get is a mid-season cliffhanger for our series finale đŸ˜¦ *shocking revelation* *abrupt end of series* ..I was really enjoying the new direction Kyle was going in in this episode too).

After that, I wasted the rest of the afternoon in PlayStation Home, mainly in the Irem and Siren spaces on the Japan server. Those ghosts (aka purple slimers) in the cave are freaky. Haha. Yesterday though, I swore I saw the free Diesel clothes I got in Japan.. on my UK account. Hmm. And I forgot all about it until after I got offline today. Damn. :/ ..We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (wow, very good episode), Dollhouse (also very good.. the series is finally getting started.. liked Patton Oswalt’s character), Howie Do It (it’s funny.. yet at the same time.. boring.. so weird.. but I keep watching because my dad likes it) and The Soup (lol.. haha’s @ Keith Olbermann hosting there for a minute :p). And that was it. Bedroom for night. See ya. :p

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[ Teacher Arrested For Masturbating In Classroom ]


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