media ads mar 22-28 / comic-con dvd dates / today

Click the corresponding retailers for their ad for the week of March 22nd to 28th: Best Buy & Target. The only title I’m interested in getting would be Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter. And only Best Buy is advertising it. They have the DVD for $16.99, Blu-ray for $26.99.. and an exclusive DVD steelbook edition for $19.99. Damnit. I want all my Watchmen on Blu. 😦 But $26.99 is a bit steep for about an hour of content.. New releases Quantum of Solace, Bolt and Twilight are also featured in both ads. Best Buy’s Casino Royale SE Blu for $19.99 is tempting.. as is Hitman on Blu for $16.99. Hmm..

TVShowsOnDVD now reports that The Middleman: The Complete Series has been set for a July 28th DVD release. That’s the same date as the Green Lantern: First Flight animated film. Also, Warner’s Robot Chicken – Star Wars: Episode II special will arrive on DVD the week before, on July 21st. And with talk of Warner’s Watchmen seeing its first video release around Comic-Con as well, I can’t help but think it may see release around the same time as these releases.. I just can’t wait to see the movie again, is all. :p

I awoke in the morning.. and had pancakes for breakfast. The way my dad makes them though.. makes me nauseous every time I have them. Don’t know why.. I then went to my room, buckled down, and finally finished typing up episode 2 of Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. Yay… nobody cares whatsoever. So this episode reveals part of what’s to come, then the next installment will reveal the other half and then finally get the story really moving along. Looking forward to it. :p

So I got online and heard about all the new stuff in Home, so I decided not to watch a movie today. My dad bitched about forgetting an automatic transaction again, then got really depressed when the overdue power bill arrived. Ugh.. I started writing the next episode of Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. The opening scene includes some more characters from the past and gives a glimpse of what the new world will be like in this series.

We eventually made it to the grocery store, then I got onto PlayStation Home once we returned.. home. The new stuff I mentioned earlier.. is almost all not on the US server.. again. I picked up the free Japan items from the three questionnaires (two shirts and.. some huge blue box thing.. the Resistance shirt is definitely my new favorite) and the Threads store (five free Diesel clothing items — three male, two female — US is officially the only server who hasn’t offered the expensive Diesel items for free). It’d be nice if the US got the “FREE” section added to its Threads store as well.. I also visited the Spelunker space (complete with a downpour of rain outside, bats shitting inside, and huge purple ghosts floating around.. eventually). I checked out UK as well, before returning to the US server. It finally has the Xi mark and manhole cover in the Central Plaza. Yay. Hopefully all will be revealed by month’s end. 🙂

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. A few hours later in primetime, we watched Smallville (wow, very good episode this week), Grey’s Anatomy (heh, this one was alright), The Office (rofl, great episode.. but whoa @ that ending) and 30 Rock (hahaha). Then I.. returned to my room for the night..? See ya.

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