Saturday 03.14.2009 — “Because nothing says ‘covert’ like bright red, yellow and blue spandex.”

I awoke in the morning and watched Best Week Ever (haha), a couple episodes of Howie Do It (lol, the new episode was actually better than most past episodes), Monday’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager (damn, after the way it ended.. and there’s still two episodes left? :/), Kath & Kim (lol), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (great episode.. really thought this three-parter would’ve made a better finale.. hm), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (pretty good episode.. yay, The Question.. for like five seconds..) and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (great episode, a bit odd to see more humor all of a sudden though.. complete with a mime, oh boy).

And eventually it was time for a new Power Rangers RPMepisode 1903: “Rain”. Now we’re suddenly back into the old-tried-and-true style of Power Rangers with this somewhat stand-alone episode that moves the season’s plot forward just a little. I’m still glad there’s actually a plot, and humorous moments that are actually funny. But what was up with those first two episodes being so different? I guess that was the wake-up slap Eddie was talking about. I noticed during Dillon’s first morph sequence that he said “…get in gear!”, but his lips moved as if he originally ended something with “..go!”. That’s odd..

Dillon: “Right, because nothing says ‘covert’ like bright red, yellow and blue spandex.” Doctor K: “That is not spandex!!1” lol. Loved that. :p Also loved how they indirectly mentioned the Morphin Grid.. and correctly! ..unlike in “Once A Ranger”.. We eventually went out to a few stores for some things, then returned home. I watched Wednesday’s CSI NY just to get rid of it (yay, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her line-free 10-second appearance by Power Rangers Wild Force‘s Alison Kiperman within the episode’s opening scene.. was sad when I never saw her again in-episode though 😦 ), then returned to my room earlier than expected.. because my dad fell asleep again soon after I offered to watch one of my 294578257 downloaded and unwatched movies.. Oh well.

I returned to my room and got online for a while. We eventually had some simple supper again, then I played with the cat a bit before.. staying online all night. Though I did eventually get started on typing up Truth-Seekers: Prometheus episode 2. Oh, if only I had one of those netbooks.. I eventually caught some MadTV and SNL.. but that was about it..

See ya.

[ Obama – Crisis Not As Bad As We Think (har!) ]
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[ China Stimulus Pushes Up World Markets ]
[ US Faces Home-Grown Islamic Terror Threat ]
[ US Rome Is Burning – So Let’s Attack Iran ]
[ Pentagon To Build $400 Spy Blimp ]
[ Monsanto’s Mike Taylor (rBGH) Sneaks Into Obama Team ]
[ Sonny Bono Definitely Assassinated ]
[ Overpopulation – America’s Greatest Calamity ]
[ World Population Will Be Over 9 Billion By 2050 ]



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