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Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of March 15th to 21st: Best Buy (only Blu-rays 😦 ) & Target (scans). On Tuesday, I gotta get Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 2 & 3, which aren’t mentioned in the ads. I may pick up Punisher: War Zone too. I enjoyed the first film (er, the second?), but.. eh, I dunno.. I’m definitely picking up the Twilight Blu-ray next Saturday morning though (3/21). Both stores will have the Blu-ray for $24.99. Best Buy offers nothing extra. But Target offers a 3rd bonus disc on their $17.99 DVD version.. plus all of that exclusive material will also be included with the $24.99 2-disc Blu-ray.. which will be mine.. >_> ..Also, Best Buy is offering Fifth Element on Blu for only $14.99. May get that one as well..

Marvel has updated their movie release dates, pushing back quite a few of their upcoming universe films (y’know, the universe that last year’s Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk began). First up, Iron Man 2 has currently been set for theatrical release on May 7th 2010 and will soon begin production. But Thor has been moved from July 16th 2010 to June 17th 2011, The First Avenger: Captain America has been moved from May 6th 2011 to July 22nd 2011, and The Avengers has been moved from July 15th 2011 to May 4th 2012. Marvel additionally confirms that Sony’s Spider-Man 4 is set to hit theaters on May 6th 2011. 🙂

Walt Disney Home Video never seems to stop. Castle just began airing on ABC on Monday, but the show’s first season is among their fall slate of ABC TV on DVD releases. This slate includes Scrubs: The Complete Eighth Season on August 28th, Desperate Housewives: The Complete Fifth Season on September 1st, Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Fifth Season on September 15th, Ugly Betty: The Complete Third Season on September 22nd and Life On Mars: The Complete Series on September 29th. Whew. Click the “season” links for cover art and other details over at TVShowsOnDVD..

NBC has issued a press release about their schedule plans for this summer, which includes new miniseries Meteor and The Storm. Both sound really cheesy, and I’m only interested in seeing Meteor (on June 7th & 14th) for Christopher Lloyd (haha) and Marla Sokoloff (yum). :p Oh, it also mentions the Medium season finale, the start of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, and.. a bunch of lame reality shows.. :/

I awoke in the morning to my alarm and immediately watched Chuck (ugh, hate it took this long to watch these..), Heroes (..both very good episodes though), United States of Tara (haha) and last Saturday’s episodes of Power Rangers RPM (glad I don’t have to wait and transfer them to VHS later again like this.. 30mins between KRDK & PR RPM starting tomorrow, yay). My dad returned home from dialysis during these, then we eventually watched Ellen.

I got online for a while, then we headed out to a few stores. Upon returning home, I watched Wonder Woman on DVD. Wished I could have gotten it on Blu-ray. Great movie, possibly one of the best in this line of animated films so far.. Then I just played LittleBigPlanet for the rest of the afternoon (did I mention that I bought the Metal Gear Solid Level Pack a few days ago? $5.99 for five and a half new levels.. and a bunch of unlockable stickers and stuff.. at least it helps delay my slowly waning interest in this game.. and opens the possibility of earning more trophies)

We eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (nice), Flashpoint (good episode) and Dollhouse (great episode.. and next week looks even better, can’t wait). After all that I returned to my room for the night..

I’m curious how this whole Scene Release deal works now that I have an incomplete set of 550MB Dollhouse encodes. The release groups encoded the first three episodes at 550MB, then episode 4 was only 350MB last week. Now tonight’s episode was 550 again. I’m wondering if another group did encode it last week at 550MB.. but just because they weren’t the first group with the episode released, their version was never released anywhere. The 350 is the only XviD version I can find online. It’s pretty damn likely I’ll buy Dollhouse on DVD, but until then I want the best quality encodes (at a reasonable size.. 720p is way too big for me). 😦

Ah well.. Have a good weekend? See ya.

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