prjf v4-5 dvd in uk / the n to teenick / WATCHMEN today

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While its looking more and more likely we’ll never see another Power Rangers DVD release again here in the US, the United Kingdom will soon receive Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Volume 3 & Volume 4, containing the next 13 episodes of the season. The US is stuck with only Volumes 1 & 2 so far, containing the first 12 episodes.. 😦

In the fourth quarter of 2009 (aka: Fall), Nickelodeon will rebrand their channel The N as TEENick. Makes sense. Oh, and Nick Cannon has been named “Honorary Chairman” of the network.. whatever that means.. :p

I stayed up until 3AM last night.. so it was no wonder I kept going in and out of sleep all morning. The cat woke me up once. I spoil him with petting, so he meows for my attention a lot. lol.. We watched some Ellen, then I got online for a while. So thanks to another Watchmen review saying that their movie experience was hampered by reading the graphic novel first, I’m going to go see the movie first. Today. My dad waited for the mail to arrive, then we got soon ready and headed to the theater.

I like going to see movies in the middle of the week. The crowds aren’t as big and it’s easier to get a good seat. I loved this film. I cannot wait to buy the upcoming 3569458654 DVD & Blu-ray releases. Nah, I’ll probably just buy the two Blu-rays.. after this month’s two related Blu-rays :p My dad however didn’t like the film, apparent from his sighs throughout the movie. Should’ve expected that, I guess. :/ ..There was a guy at the end our aisle that I found annoying yet also entertaining. He seemed to only be there for the Star Trek trailer (which was also awesome). The guy hollered and clapped in excitement during said trailer, then quietly exited three or four times during the movie to refill his concessions. If I had the ability to pause the movie like at home, I probably would have done the same. :p

But we’re somewhat poor, so we just snuck stuff inside in our coat pockets. And I had to pay for my dad’s ticket.. which had now skyrocketed to $7.50, the exact price on my Movie Cash for my free ticket. the stack of ticket stubs on my desk from over the last four years or so show gradual 25-cent rises, then it jumps 75 cents to today’s $7.50. But I guess I should be glad it isn’t higher.. yet.. I was a little surprised when I saw what time it was by the time we left, 5PM.. even though I knew full well how long the movie was..

I actually tweeted about the movie a couple times today. Beats the usual weekly “Media Buys” message. But my life is pretty boring in general, so who knows how long it’ll be before I tweet about something other than that again.. We returned home and had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (very good episode.. sad to see the ring go though), Grey’s Anatomy (also good), The Office (rofl) and 30 Rock (lol crazy). And that.. was about it.. See ya.

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