family guy v7 dvd / 24 s7 dvd / today

Family Guy: Volume Seven will hit DVD on June 16th and TVShowsOnDVD has all the details. Every single episode (all 13 of them, across 3 discs) will include an uncensored audio track and audio commentary. There will also be 29 deleted scenes and some other nice special features. And the cover art looks great. 20th Century Fox has set a $39.98 SRP for this set. A bit steep, but hopefully the first-week sale prices will be in the usual $25-30 range..

TVShowsOnDVD also has early information on the upcoming DVD & Blu-ray releases of 24: Season Seven. The entire season will see release the day after its May 18th season finale on FOX.. on Tuesday May 19th. Wow. The cover arts look great too.. except for the photoshopping turning Kiefer Sutherland into someone more resembling Micheal J. Nelson. :p

I awoke in the morning and watched the usual boring morning TV, then I got online for a while. Once my dad was finished with his news, I then watched the final five episodes of Death Note (yup, Vol 9.. awesome finale, loved it.. now onto the live-action movies and compilation movies.. when they’re completely released as well, that is :p *crosses fingers that the US live-action movie doesn’t suck*), followed by The Whitest Kids U Know (lol).

I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for like 5 seconds before getting onto LittleBigPlanet. I finally bought the Metal Gear Solid Level Kit just to get those new levels. It was the quickest $5.99 I ever spent (the actual transaction, I mean.. the levels seem pretty cool so far). I ordered pizza for supper. Then upon my dad returning home with it, we had some unexpected guests. The only family members we have that still acknowledges our existence. They revealed that they may be moving back into town soon, talked other stuff, visited the cat, then left.

At 6PM, I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (lol), Medium (great episode 🙂 ) and 24 (also great.. yum, Sprague Grayden.. great casting as first daughter too.. I first thought she was cute on John Doe, then they killed her off 😦 ). And that was pretty much it..

..See ya..

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