Sunday 03.08.2009 — I’ve got nothin’.. except these PR RPM tracks..

[Current Music Download|Power Rangers RPM theme (Opening Version with Intro) @ MediaFire]
[Bonus Music Downloads|PR RPM Demo Themes Original AIF RAR & PR RPM Demo Themes LQ MP3 RAR]

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, then I watched Bleach (not bad), Code Geass (wow.. that was confusing.. so that means it must’ve been awesome :p), four more episodes of Death Note (Vol 6.. passed them up yesterday because I was in overload on this show due to five four-episode volumes in five days.. and I would’ve only watched half a volume anyway.. and these episodes definitely deserved to be watched altogether.. Yotsuba plotline was *yawn* to me, but this ending to it.. wow 🙂 ) and Battlestar Galactica (really wanted to get this out of the way.. sooo can’t wait for Caprica, now that I’ve realized that it’ll probably be like this show minus all the space parts I actually like :/ ).

We had some breakfast in there somewhere, then I returned to my room and got online. I was also lucky enough to pull myself away from there long enough to watch the latest two episodes of Bones on the bedroom DVR (I liked the second one more.. for obvious reasons :p ..yay, I’m caught up.. until Thursday). We had some supper and soon watched Funniest Videos.. followed by Simpsons (lol).

While my dad watched some of that Home Makeover crap, I pretty much finished episode 2 of Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. The event I don’t want to spoil is revealed, and then quite literally in the final line of the episode. :p I was wanting to wait on that a bit longer, but I just couldn’t come up with anything that could delay it. Though this revelation is actually just half of the true event. The other half will be revealed a bit later.. So we watched Desperate Housewives (very good episode, haha), Family Guy (rofl) and American Dad (lol). Then that was about it for the night.. See ya.

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