no news / today

I stayed up late at the computer.. then fell asleep in front of it until 5AM.. with winamp on shuffle for hours. lol.. I finished up the entry, then went to sleep. I awoke a few hours later and watched Being Human (S01E05.. wow, very very good episode.. only one episode to go 😦 ) and Eastbound And Down (rofl.. my dad arrived home before this, so yeah). After some Ellen and the news, we went to Arby’s for lunch.

Upon returning home and checking the mail, I discovered that I had been upgraded to Best Buy Reward Zone Premier Silver. I lost my card forever ago, so I’ve had to use a temporary printed card instead. But now they’ve sent me a glittery silver new one. I was followed how much I spent and I didn’t think I had reached $2,500 in purchases in a calender year in order to be upgraded. But yay, new card. And other perks too..

So anyway.. I watched four more episodes of Death Note (Volume 3.. awesome), then checked out PlayStation Home (where’s the “alpha zone” and that mystery shirt? damnit..) before fitting in a little LittleBigPlanet as well (I just cannot win The Bunker.. that huge wheel near the end, urgh). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Knight Rider (season finale even though they didn’t mind mentioning it.. that final scene was a bit strange) and Lost (another great episode, of course πŸ™‚ ). My dad went to bed, then I fit in Monday’s Chuck (another great episode) and Heroes (pretty good episode πŸ™‚ ). Then I got online.. and problems staying awake again. Damnit.

See ya.

[ Fox News Outs FEMA Prison Camp Network ]
[ Bishop Williamson & ‘Holocaust Denial’ – Why The Uproar? ]
[ Arnold – What The Holocaust Debate Is Really About ]
[ Treasury Warns Of Dire State Of US Economy ]
[ Russian Scholar Says US Will Collapse Next Year ]
[ Been To A Pawnbroker? You Will Soon… ]
[ Cheaper To Keep Her – Infidelity Is Down ]
[ Oil Producers Running Out Of Storage Space ]
[ CDC Morgellons Study Results ‘Maybe This Year’ ]
[ Flu Pandemic Ahead – Common Strain Now Resistant ]
[ Video: Regeneration Of Human Body Cells A Reality ]


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