green lantern animated dvd / dragon ball kai / today

The next DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Wonder Woman, hits DVD & Blu-ray tomorrow. But the next title in this series of films has already been announced. Green Lantern: First Flight will be released onto DVD and Blu-ray on July 28th. 🙂

“Japanese anime new site Anime! Anime! reports that Toei Animation has confirmed that next month’s Dragon Ball Kai television series will be a remastered, edited version of the 1989 Dragon Ball Z television series that more closely adheres to the content and pacing of creator Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga. As such, many of the fights will progress quicker, and entire anime original story arcs such as the Garlic Jr. saga will be excised.” Wow. But great, another excuse for FUNimation to re-release it. Hopefully they’ll at least hold off until Blu-ray.. and perhaps not cut the video down to widescreen again..

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched three episodes of Chuck (caught back up to this one again.. I was unsure about watching the 3D or 2D version of that episode, so I got behind.. but now I’m caught up.. until tonight), another Wolverine And The X-Men (episode 11.. wow, that was pretty good too) and Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job (retarded.. for the most part). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some Ellen..

I got online for a bit while my dad saw some news, then I took over and watched the first four episodes of Death Note (aka the Volume 1 DVD.. great start.. but no on-screen text subtitle track? lame 😐 ..had to keep rewinding and turning the english subtitles on and off to read some stuff :/), followed by Look Around You (haha.. but still like Series 1 better). Then I just played some more LittleBigPlanet for a few hours (failed the next level a few times, then went back and tried to further complete an early level).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol, crazy), Two & A Half Men (rofl), Rules of Engagement (lol.. wow, Season 3.. it’s felt like it’s been on longer than that >_>) and CSI Miami (another pretty good episode 🙂 ). Then I returned to my room for the night. I eventually saw the premiere of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The opening thing was good.. only because Conan was in it.. but.. “Lick it for ten”? -_-

Sooo.. Which Watchmen should I experience first — the CBRs I’ve downloaded, the Motion Comic Blu-ray I’m getting tomorrow, or the movie itself? I have yet to see anything Watchmen — except reading the very start of the comic, watching the very start of the Motion Comic.. and the movie’s trailers & promos. Keep in mind that I’d hate to read the original comic, then watch the movie and be disappointed by something they changed or left out. :/ Hmm, maybe I’ll let the movie go first (the Motion Comic comes with a free ticket).. See ya.

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