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I fell asleep watching Conan O’Brien.. and then woke up at 4:30AM. I guess I’ve gotten too used to a certain amount of sleep every night. Argh. I got online for a bit, then soon slept again.. I had the most awesome dream. I went out with this girl some teen bar or something. Tommy came in, but was then called away to do something. I also felt that Tommy was the only current Power Ranger right now. And for some reason, he was the Green Zeo Ranger..? Anyway.. I attempted to follow him, but the girl I was with stopped me. I wanted to be a Power Ranger. It felt like I might have been one in the past and wanted to be one again. So I made it outside into the parking lot. I didn’t see Tommy anywhere. The sun had almost completely set. And then the parking lot suddenly filled with Power Rangers bad guys. And just as I felt there was no escape and Tommy was going to show up…. my alarm went off and I woke up. Damnit..

So I got online for a bit again, then watched some morning TV. But we soon got ready and I headed out to media buy…

First, I went to Best Buy and picked up Dead Like Me: Life After Death on DVD and High School Musical 3: Senior Year – 3-Disc Deluxe Extended Edition on Blu-ray. I then got the usual icee, went to a store only to not find what I was looking for.. then waited for a long time in the car while my dad renewed his prescriptions.. Upon returning home, I see an ad for the HSM3 $5 off DVD and $10 off Blu-ray printable coupon offer. Gawdamnit. I got it for $24.99 with price-match, but $14.99 would’ve been much nicer. Grrrrr @ Disney not publicizing it at all until today. 😡

So after Ellen, I watched two more episodes of Dead Like Me (very good episodes.. the complete series + movie for $49.99 at Best Buy & Target is a good deal for this show.. and TVShowsOnDVD agrees, making it “Pick of the Week”.. after seeing the packaging today, I wished I had held off on purchasing them), followed by Lie To Me (nice). Then I spent the next two hours or so playing LittleBigPlanet online (woohoo).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Dollhouse (wow, I better not delay it this long next Friday.. and I probably won’t because CBS will be all reruns again.. I really liked this show, so I hope FOX can at least keep it around for one full season 🙂 ), The Mentalist (good episode), Eastbound And Down (rofl, hilarious) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (alright).

I returned to my room for the night.. and wrote some more Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. I have an idea for the beginning and end of this episode.. but not the middle. Yet. :p ..See ya..

[ US/UK/Euro Banks Face End – Global Banking Insolvent ]
[ Stocks Drop 298 On Economic, Auto Worries ]
[ Worst Is Yet to Come For Americans ]
[ Baby Boomers – Your Crisis Has Arrived ]
[ US Economy Destroying Wealth Of 3 Generations ]
[ FL Banker Gives $60M Of His Own To Employees ]
[ Kissinger’s Recovery Plan – New World Order Or ‘Chaos’ ]
[ Pro-Lifers At Greater Risk From Hate Laws ]
[ Video: The Truth About Facebook ]
[ Now Illegal To Photograph UK Cops ]
[ Cops Kill Celebrity Chimp Who Attacked Woman ]
[ Chimp Had Tea, Xanax Before Attacking Woman ]


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