Sunday 02.15.2009 —

I awoke in the morning, then immediately looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. If you’re getting High School Musical 3 on Blu-ray, I’d now recommend Toys R Us. They have it in their ad for just $24.99, while Best Buy & Target are only offering it for $27.99 & $26.99 respectively. Price-match for me. 🙂

I soon watched Bleach (not bad), Code Geass (great episode), two more episodes of Dead Like Me (awesome), Medium (coool) and Knight Rider (eh, the series is just alright now, due to the changes :/). After that, I went to my room and got online because it was about time for my dad’s NASCAR race. I typed some more Truth-Seekers.. then returned to the living room and fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. I guess those nights where I’m asleep by 3AM and awake by 8AM are finally coming back to get me. Damnit.

Soon, I returned to my room and got in some more typing of Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. And I finally finished and got it up online by 7PM. Phew. Now I can finally start on the next one.. But we had some supper, then watched Funniest Videos (ugh, rerun), Simpsons (oooh, HD.. and almost-completely-re-animated opening credits.. nice), Desperate Housewives (good episode), Family Guy (weird seeing Simpsons in widescreen and not this.. lol, good episode though.. even though it sorta felt like just a carrier or whatever for two particular and long YouTube-friendly segments) and American Dad (lol). And that was about it..

Oh, and please read Truth-Seekers: Prometheus and review. My stories are probably better suited for television than books though. After all, I watch a lot more television than I read books these days. But due to their conspiracy subject matter being partially based on truth, the “book” option is probably more likely than TV. :p But in actuality, neither is likely……. See ya.

[ Obama Seeks Russo-Iranian War ]
[ Iran Will Never Cave In To US ]
[ Zionist Militants Surround Obama ]
[ Sinclair – It Is Now Officially ‘Out Of Control’ ]
[ September 11th, 2008 – America’s Economic 9/11? ]
[ IMF Warns 2nd Bailout Wave Will Need Bailout ]
[ An Electronic Run On The Bank ]
[ Planetary Drought And Food Catastrophe 2009 ]
[ Hate Bills Move Forward In House Judiciary ]
[ Drs Guilty At Nuremburg Were TREATING Auschwitz Jews ]
[ ‘Why Don’t We Gas Holocaust Deniers?’ ]
[ New Fight To Stop Mass Fluoridation ]
[ Pathogens Abound In Reclaimed Water ]
[ High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is LOADED With Mercury ]
[ Amazing – Color Striped Icebergs In Antarctic ]
[ The Milky Way Galaxy Has ‘Billions Of Earths’ ]
[ Scientists Take Alien Census ]
[ Video: Texas Fireball, Sonic Booms Near Austin ]


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