Saturday 02.14.2009 —

I awoke in the morning to the alarm.. then slept another hour or so. I then watched Best Week Ever (ha), last night’s two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (great episodes), The Soup (lol), Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (another great episode), two more episodes of Dead Like Me (nice) and.. the one-hour premiere of Aaron Stone (I.. didn’t really like it.. as a whole.. I only liked the female lead Tania Gunadi, who looks a lot younger than how old she actually is.. wow, 25.. may try a couple more episodes before I drop out though). It’s possible I didn’t like it because they’re trying to replace Power Rangers with their own completely-Disney-created show.. that pales in comparison.. >_>

In between all that, I did DVR the reruns of Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers, looking for new promos. TMNT had a promo only saying there was a new episode next week.. then PRJF had nothing once again. :/ Funny how that early / rough Power Rangers RPM promo showed up in my inbox about a day after mentioning there were still no promos in last Saturday’s entry.. Oh, and there was an actually promo for the new TMNT. It was during the Kamen Rider closing credits. But it didn’t look all that interesting..

So my dad took off somewhere and I got online for a while. But then I returned to the living room and tried to fight off the drowsiness. My dad got some nighttime cold medicine and didn’t realize that that meant unwanted drowsiness. Plus it doesn’t even seem to be helping either.. My dad returned and we watched Howie Do It (blah really) and 10 Items Or Less (fell asleep during this one.. and forgot last week’s episode altogether :/). I woke up a bit later and my dad hadn’t woken me up for supper..

I returned to my room and actually watched some things on the bedroom DVR for once — the latest two episodes of 90210 (ugh, two was almost too much really..) and Ugly Betty (good episode). Then I got back online.. and typed more Truth-Seekers for a while. I watched some SNL.. then that was about it..

RangerBoard’s dekabroken has again encoded today’s episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It’s usotsuki file size (230MB), but definitely better quality than usotsuki. :p

See ya.

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