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[Current Music Download|The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell @ MediaFire] has a new listing for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive – Season 1.1 on DVD. This German release coming from the same company who’s behind the other multilingual Power Rangers DVD releases claims to include the first half of the season (16 episodes) in both Dutch & English.. and it also comes packaged in a steelbook. Neat. It’s currently set for release on March 6th.. This is the first time I recall seeing a German release of a Disney season with an English audio track. I thought up to this point that Disney didn’t want them releasing any of their seasons with English audio tracks, since their boxed sets of Dino Thunder, SPD and Mystic Force are all lacking in that department. *shrug* I already have all the US volumes, so I doubt I’ll buy again. But I’m a DVD collector, so I’d at least like to get a better look at that steelbook before I completely rule it out. :p

TVShowsOnDVD has received press material from from Buena Vista concerning their April 28th DVD releases of X-Men: Volume 1 & 2. Since they’re titled “Volumes”, we should’ve expected they wouldn’t be complete season releases… Volume 1 will include the first 16 episodes of the series (that’s all of Season 1, plus 3 more from Season 2) and Volume 2 will then include the next 17 episodes after that (the remaining 10 episodes of Season 2, plus the first 7 episodes of Season 3).. Had ya worried for a second there, didn’t I? :p I may just pick these up on release date..

Now here’s an interesting twist.. I’m guessing the recent remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still wasn’t that popular in theaters. Because on April 7th, the film will be released on 2-disc DVD, 3-disc DVD & 3-disc Blu-ray.. and all versions will include the original 1951 film alongside the 2008 version. Ha.. That does make me want to buy it even more though. :p ..Fox will also release Marley & Me in 1-disc DVD, 2-disc DVD & 3-disc Blu-ray versions on March 31st. Fox will pick up Disney’s idea and “future-proof” the Blu-ray with a 1-disc DVD version of the film included. Nice. πŸ™‚

I stayed up quite late again, finally go to sleep after 4AM. My dad was getting ready to leave again.. I awoke to my alarm at 8AM, then watched Leverage (S01E07.. haha, good episode), Heroes (I’m liking it so far, I guess.. definitely better than the previous show anyway) and Battlestar Galactica (all the usual “C-SPAN.. in SPACE!” stuff is boring.. but this two-parter has been awesome πŸ™‚ ).

My dad returned home from dialysis and he soon watched Ellen. I opted to get online instead. And I was glad I did. He was spouting a LOT of prejudiced bullshit at the screen, mainly about homosexuals and black people. Gawd. I even hated hearing it from the other room. It may have something to do with the black women that he finds annoying at dialysis. 😦 ..I then got sad when I tried to order my favorite pen on Amazon that not one store of any kind around me would put in stock anymore. I ordered that 6-pack with a couple refills and it’s about $6.. then the shipping doubles the price. Damnit. 😦 *orders anyway, because he’s tired of looking everywhere for them for months*

On my dad’s news ended, I took over the TV and watched three more episodes of Dead Like Me (no more breaks for me, no more breaks for me.. very good episodes πŸ™‚ ), then played LittleBigPlanet for the rest of the afternoon. I was surprised when I was able to get through the story levels I had had a problem with. I also checked out more community levels and finally attempted to decorate my pod.. We didn’t have supper because my dad refused to cook anything. So I just starved..

At 6PM, I got off the PS3 and back online to news-gather. My dad went to bed for a nap, so at 8PM I just watched 24 (good episode) and Lost (awesome episode.. quite a few questions answered, wow). My dad did wake up though and we eventually watched Old Christine (lol.. ha’s @ the attempt at a Seinfeld reference) and Gary Unmarried (lol). And then I returned to my room for the night.. again..

See ya.

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