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On today’s episode of “How The Power Rangers RPM Turns”, more drama (and not to mention, quite a bit of excitement) ensued when FuryDiamond revealed that series veteran Judd “Chip” Lynn has returned to the show to pick up where the fired Executive Producer Eddie Guzelian left off. Though Fury’s unsure if he’s stepped into the Executive Producer position or if he’s just helping the Executive Producer out. Judd Lynn began working as Story Editor on the series during the second half of Power Rangers Turbo, another car-themed series whose tone he turned from serious to light in mid-season.. ironically enough. He then left the show following Power Rangers Time Force. Perhaps RPM‘s latter half won’t be as horrible after all..? 🙂

Now this is pretty odd. First, Warner Home Video leaked these new “25th Anniversary” covers out to retailers for the current DVD releases of the original live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. And now TheDigitalBits reports that all four movies (three live-action, one CG-animated) will be released by Warner in a 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition in both 4-disc DVD & 4-disc Blu-ray on August 2nd. Wow. Nice Blu-ray art. Hope it isn’t too expensive on release date. 🙂 Perhaps those leaked arts are some sort of inner artwork..? I say that because the backgrounds are all in the Ninja Turtles‘ colors, with only one missing..

This Thursday, February 12th, virtual ninja outfits will become available for purchase in the Mall in PlayStation Home. And on February 13th, the Asian Home Cafe will open on the US server as The Gamers’ Lounge. And as part of the “I Love Ninjas” contest on the same day, they’re going to try and fill the “first instance” of the new space with avatars in the new ninja costumes. Everyone there will win “vouchers for SOCOM and Warhawk”. Also on the way are pirate costumes and in-game Home unlockables for Resident Evil 5 & Street Fighter IV. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit in order to finish my previous entry. Damnit.. Then after quite a bit of waiting, we went out to media buy.. I was ready to buy the two Dragon Ball Z DVD releases today, but I changed my mind at the last second. WalMart will still have these same prices next month, so no hurry really.. I went to Best Buy first and noticed that Dead Like Me: Life After Death was already in stock according to the in-store computer. I tried to get one of the employees get a copy for me from the back room, but she took one look at the release date and that was it. Didn’t even get to the “in stock” part. Oh well. It would’ve been $19.99 if I had gotten it now or next week (that’s their ad price :/).

I also noticed that Best Buy had today’s new release of Donnie Darko on Blu-ray (both theatrical & director’s cuts in one release, awesome). It looked great.. except for the $29.99 price tag on it. Ugh.. Next, I moved on to Barnes & Noble. I was hoping they would have Gantz 3 since Borders didn’t last week. But they didn’t.. Then I went to Borders.. and they had Gantz 3 now. :p I also decided to pick up another volume of Death Note as well. Only two volumes to go on that one now. And I’m only weeks away from being able to watch the whole anime series on DVD. 🙂

I got the usual icee (yum), then went to the grocery store for some things. We returned home and eventually watched Ellen. Due to all of our running around.. and how late we got it all started due to my father.. I decided I didn’t have enough time to watch any Dead Like Me today. 😦 ..And I wanted to play LittleBigPlanet, but ended up in PlayStation Home for the rest of the afternoon. Everyone else has found the “gallery basement” it seems. Just walk off that rail in Events Landing, then walk in the direction of The Gallery.. and there you are. There’s a rather larger invisible platform there. And the music suddenly stops at a certain point. *silence* 🙂

At 6PM, we had the TV dinners we didn’t have yesterday for supper (uuuuggghhhh), then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, my dad was asleep.. at least to start.. and through most of it really.. And so I watched last night’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager (lol’s @ the guidance couseler scene.. good episode), followed by Fringe (wow, great episode this week.. also great was the Watchman promo aired near the end 🙂 ..the show’s not back until April? that makes me a sad panda 😦 ) and Scrubs (this season continues to not be as great as those before, don’t know why.. the promos for the show are like the promo equivalent of the Scrubs DVD covers we’ve been getting :p).

Aaand that’s it for another day.. Oh, and I’m finally using tags.. more.. to keep track of all the stuff happening with Power Rangers RPM lately.. See ya.

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