Sunday 02.08.2009 — Power Rangers RPM rough early trailer!

[Current Music Download|Lily Allen – The Fear @ MediaFire]

A source e-mailed me a rough early trailer for Power Rangers RPM. And wow, the series looks great. The trailer runs for about four minutes, features a rather cool opening segment, reveals the full cast of Rangers, and even includes what may or may not be the theme song. And it isn’t any of those leaked versions from a while back. Sounds more like a song that’ll fit perfectly in a toy commercial. :p Click here to download it off MediaFire. The MOV file fit just under their 100MB limit.. Or I guess you can view it on YouTube from another ‘anonymous‘ source who also received it in their inbox.. Either way, enjoy. 🙂 Power Rangers RPM premieres March 7th on ABC Kids.. in case you forgot. :p Oh, and here’s the full main cast list from this trailer:

Eka Darville — Scott / Red Ranger
Ari Boyland — Flynn / Blue Ranger
Rose McIver — Summer / Yellow Ranger
Milo Cawthorne — Ziggy / Green Ranger
Dan Ewing — Dillon / Black Ranger
Olivia Tennet — Dr. K
Adelaide Kane — Tenaya 7

I awoke a little late in the morning (possibly due to staying up past 2AM) and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Then I watched Bleach (this was okay), Code Geass (awesome episode.. yum fanservice *nosebleeds* :p), Monday’s 24 (very good episode.. though after starting in a new way, it’s now sunk back into the same old stuff.. buy eh, CSI does the same old stuff every week too) and three more episodes of Dead Like Me (very good episodes.. but I may space these episodes out more than planned during the week.. still need to play my new game :p).

My dad pretty much just slept all morning.. and afternoon too. He has a cold, I guess.. and he says he wasn’t able to sleep last night because of it. So I tried to keep the volume down. He’s also complaining more than usual.. So I soon watched Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist on Blu-ray. Great film. Enjoyed every minute of it. The moment I saw the first trailer, I said “I’m buying that” (and not just because of Kat Dennings.. though she was a pretty sizable part of the reason). Then I heard about the Blu-ray exclusive telestrator commentary and opted to get it. And on release date, I hear about how crappy the DVD is, since the digital copy, the movie and the special features are all crammed onto one disc. Ugh. The Blu-ray has a second disc for the digital copy.. and since I liked the movie so much, I may actually use the digital copy for the first time ever. And because the Blu can only play on my PS3.

Is the menu thing normal though? Pineapple Express and now this both have the disappearing menu defect after watching a video (let it be the movie itself or a bonus feature). I move the cursor and most of it pops back up, but still. :/ ..My dad finally woke up.. and stayed awake.. in time t o watch his Pro Bowl game. I then got online for a while. Oh, and in case no one has an encode of yesterday’s Kamen Rider Dragon Knight yet, check out dekabroken’s encode (originally posted to RangerBoard). It looks pretty good. 🙂

After some time online, I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (good episode) and Everybody Hates Chris (haha). We had supper and soon both watched Funniest Videos (the funniest of the three finalists actually won for once, wow). Then I returned to my bedroom DVR just to watch Thursday’s Supernatural (very good episode.. should get these on DVD already.. I’ve had plenty of $20-or-under chances already :/ ). And after that, I returned to the living room and watched Desperate Housewives (nice) and American Dad (lol.. was sorta surprised by how far those two girls went in the background :p).

I returned to my room for the night.. and that’s when I found the Power Rangers RPM trailer waiting for me in my gmail inbox. I watched quite a few times, then began uploading. And then the ‘anonymous’ person mentioned above put it on Youtube and MegaUpload. So it seems I wasn’t the only one to receive it after all. :p See ya.

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