Saturday 02.07.2009 —

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I awoke in the morning and over the course of said morning I watched Best Week Ever (blah), Medium (good episode), Lie To Me (finally started this one, yay.. good show too), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (another great episode.. 😦 @ only six weeks to go in the season though.. but at least next week is one hour, yay 🙂 ), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (cool Green Lantern armor, bats.. this episode was alright.. it was brought down by G’Nort though :p).. and finally Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (another great episode.. I especially liked the subplot that came in late, just time for the cliffhanger 🙂 liked seeing JTC on screen already, he’s the Rider in my LJ icon.. my favorite line — Kamen Rider Torque: “How does it feel to be an endangered species?” *destroys zebra monster* “Heh, not enough left to mount on my wall.” awesome.. though too long to put in an entry title, so yeah..).

My dad went off on some errands, and I got online for a bit. And during this time, I found out that the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie was actually four episodes after all. Wookieepedia even has the episode titles.. CN said there’s six “weeks” left in season 1, but only claims there’s six episodes to go in five weeks (due to the two episodes next week). This would end the season with 22 episodes, even though I had heard the first season was 26 episodes.. which is actually the number you get when you add 22 with the 4 movie episodes.. Production number order would be quite weird though, with multi-parters being split up all over the place. Last night’s episode was actually the first Season 2 episode in production order. :p

Once my dad returned, I ran out into the living room to keep my claim on the TV. lol. I fast-forwarded through today’s Jungle Fury and deleted them. I’m pretty surprised that there’s still not a single Power Rangers RPM promo. 😦 ..I then decided to start Dead Like Me and watched the first three episodes. I first watched these all edited on SciFi, then bought the DVDs.. and I’m only now getting around to watching them uncensored in time for the DVD movie. 🙂

We had some crap supper (TV dinners again, ugh), then I returned to my room and got online for a while.. and it ended up being all night long. I really wanted to get around to the bedroom DVR tonight, which is now 99% full. But I just couldn’t. One thing came up, then another.. and another.. and then it was too late. Damnit. 😦 Though after my dad’s NASCAR was over, we fit in The Soup before SNL. *shrug*

I saw you snipe that IRC room tonight, Lisa_J. Hehe. :p I didn’t even know that they’ve also encoded all the Dragon Knight episodes until today, so now I’m struggling to catch up with them with their incredibly slow DCC speeds. Episodes 1 & 5 are looking pretty good at least. 🙂 See ya..

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