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Jack Olesker speaks again, making it clear that Disney isn’t involved after all.. “First, absolutely no one has said Disney is interested in doing an animated PR. Nor has anyone said KEN Creative Studio has been approached by Disney. This has been carefully posed as a hypothetical proposition.” It’s now sounding more like a simple contest…

Meanwhile, BurgundyRanger now has the March schedule for Disney XD. Power Rangers continues to be completely missing from their schedule. And here could be the reason why it’s only airing on ABC Kids, according to reliable source KyL416.. “Yep, ABC Kids exclusive. Disney didn’t even want to do another season until Jetix Europe offered to co-produce it, lol.” ..And to make things even worse (though it does make sense), The Spectacular Spider-Man joins the line-up later in the month Mondays at 7:30PM ET, right after Aaron Stone. And they’re starting with the 13 episodes of Season 1 before premiering Season 2. Ugh. -_-

The CW has announced that Reaper will return for a second season on March 3rd at 8PM ET, making 90210 move back an hour to 9PM ET. And like FOX’s 24, Reaper‘s second season will air will no repeats in between for 13 straight weeks.. Yay. Can’t wait. 🙂

I awoke at about 8AM in the morning and got online. And then I was surprised when my dad rescheduled his physical (the one in order to get on the donor list). Today was going to be busy even without that stop though. But now he wants to wait for the snow to end before we go. And I guess it is still a bit early too.. We watched some morning TV and waited.. And then we finally headed out to media buy and more. Sorta like a belated birthday really..

First, I headed to the bank and withdrawaled for my dad’s bills. And then I visited Borders.. and got nothing. I guess I waited too long for the Gantz Vol 3 manga this time. Its release date was in December, but it usually takes a month just for my Borders to get it in. :/ ..Next, I visited Best Buy. I actually passed on Zack & Miri Make A Porno.. at least for now. Best Buy didn’t even have the Blu-ray in stock anyway. :/ Perhaps it has something to do with Target and WalMart being big pussies and demanding alternate cover art that shortens the movie’s title to just Zack & Miri, forcing many consumers to clear out Best Buy’s stock of uncensored editions. Idiots..

I did get Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist on Blu-ray though (fell in love with this movie the moment I saw the trailer.. and still haven’t seen the actual movie yet.. a cast telestrator commentary, nice), along with the Death Note II: The Last Name DVD.. a whole week early.. I also saw DBZ Season 8, the new DBZ Movies Double Feature (for a lower Best Buy price of $17.99) and DBGT Season 2. I’m not getting DBGT until I at least complete DBZ on DVD, and I doubt I’ll get the other two unless they have another “buy together” deal next week. Plus I still haven’t watched DBZ Season 7 yet and I’ll be tied up with Dead Like Me starting Monday, so.. I also picked up LittleBigPlanet. Can’t wait to play it. I also visited a new Target to refill my phone (wow @ how huge it was compared to our dinky one that recently closed)..

We then went to a buffet. I had received a “buy one get one free” meal coupon via email for my birthday, so we went to use it. We talked a little, we laughed, was surprised I was actually able to experience just a little happiness. It’s such a rare thing around me. Hmm.. All this was done during a coooold morning. We got all that snow, and it was still around. And then we got a couple more inches this morning. I tell ya there’s nothing like being comfortable in the store, then walking out and and nearly being blown away by a freezing cold wind once the doors opened. Wow. :p

We returned home and I immediately played LittleBigPlanet all afternoon. I finished three or four story levels, then checked out some user levels as well. Wow. I’m really liking this. Plus I finally have more than one measly trophy.. I was only able to spend about four hours on it before 6PM, but damnit I wanted to keep on playing. lol.. We were still full from the buffet, so no supper. I took care of some things, then got online to inventory the discs and news-gather..

In primetime, we watched last night’s House (haha, very good episode), followed by Fringe (lol, that’s two weeks in a row that I’ve yelled out “awesome!” upon seeing the opening scene.. because it was.. the episode was great too.. and that guy that was busted out of prison is back next week 🙂 ) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (good show). And during the last show, I noticed a 20/20 promo. ABC is going to interview Skyler DeLeon, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers child actor and murderer, Friday night at 10PM ET. Heh, they even showed a photo of him with the costumed stunt people on the set of MMPR. That should be interesting.. :p

See ya.

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