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Jack Olesker cements his earlier claim that it’s a Power Rangers animated series that he’s challenging the fans to come up with. “…we’ll pull another leaf off the artichoke and definitively say we’re talking about an animated series here.” Plus series writer Jackie Marchand briefly posted about these events as well. Looks like Disney didn’t hire her back since she doesn’t seem to know about any of this. 😦

ABC Family has issued a press release announcing some upcoming series, including a half-hour TV series version of the 1996 film 10 Things I Hate About You (with the pilot episode being directed by the original movie director Gil Junger. They’ve also announced that Greek will return in Summer 2009… However, ABC Family has canceled Kyle XY after three seasons. *sighs* 😦 Maybe if they would’ve aired it more (not to mention actually promote Season 3), the ratings would’ve been better. Kyle XY‘s new episode airs only once tonight (and every other Monday night this season), while Secret Life‘s new episode gets aired THREE TIMES (8PM, 10PM, 12AM Midnight ET). WTF? :/

FUNimation will finally release Fullmetal Alchemist: Platinum Collection OVA in the US later this year. The single-disc DVD will feature four shorts — “uncut, subbed and dubbed” — and all other special features on the original Japanese release. Awesome. Sooo can’t wait. Hope it’s in a clear case like like all my others. πŸ™‚

I awoke in the morning later than I had hoped. I also fell asleep too early. Damnit. So I got online and finished up the previous entry, then soon watched last night’s Robot Chicken (lol @ the Joker Shawshank Redemption skit complete with voice work by Mark Hamill and Morgan Freeman, wow.. and Soleil Moon Frye voiced Punky Brewster, neat.. also lol @ the Inuyasha skit :p) and Look Around You (haha.. I should watch the complete series DVDR I downloaded and burned instead.. but oh well).

My dad returned home from dialysis, we had some breakfast, then watched some Ellen. I got online for a bit after that. I then chose not to watch the only Blu-ray whose movie I haven’t seen yet — and it was my first Blu-ray purchased — and opted to play Lego Star Wars instead. I’m tired of waiting for LittleBigPlanet to go on sale. I’m getting it tomorrow.. so it’ll probably be hard finding time for any other game after that. :p I also wasted some time on PlayStation Home as well..

It’s just awesome that my PS3 is already showing signs of wearing out. It continues to read a data disc as “corrupted” until I reload the disc.. sometimes. And there’s been a couple defects in Lego Star Wars… though that could just be the game itself..? During the “Episode IV: Rescuing the Princess” level, where guys would automatically come out of a door in intervals.. I’d go back to an earlier part of the level and come back, and the place would be swarming with the guys. Then I was playing “Pod Race (Original)” and that rock that falls over the track fell the rest of the way onto the track right as I was going to go under it. :/

I got bored of the game by 5:15PM, so I shut it off and gave the TV back over to my dad a little early.. I then got online to news-gather and soon had some supper.. In primetime, we watched the usual — Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol.. but the pregnancy-as-instant-fat? not a good idea), Two & A Half Men (lol), Worst Week (lol) and CSI Miami (pretty good episode this week).

Once all that was over, I returned to my room for the night.. and found that my DVR didn’t record Gossip Girl. Damnit. It was at 95%, so I deleted an hour. That took it down to 93%. I assumed that would be enough for two 1-hour shows and they would only take up 4%. But the new bullshit software DVRed one and not the other (both started at 8PM), claiming “the disc was full”. Urgggghhh. 😑 And on top of that, my bandwidth is shit right now too. I’d be lucky to get everything downloaded by noon tomorrow. Why do the networks have to air EVERYTHING in just two nights every week? I can only watch.record two channels, so I watched CBS and recorded FOX.. and now I must download the five remaining shows.. And of course there’s the hard drive that’s always running out of space. I burn stuff off to DVD-R to help that, then later learn they probably won’t last very long. And then we’re back around to the PS3’s “corrupted” BS. -_-

Goodnight indeed.

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[ Too Much TV Can Make Kids Mentally Ill ]

“Other things being equal, the more a child is exposed to the media (television and Internet), the more materialistic she becomes, the worse she relates to her parents and the worse her mental health.” (Nooow they tell me..) — Too Much TV Can Make Kids Mentally Ill


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