pr rpm premiere date / today

Poweranimals has contacted a Disney executive and finally has the real news on when Power Rangers RPM will air. And it’s pretty unfortunate… “The 17th season of Power Rangers entitled Power Rangers: RPM is currently in production in New Zealand. The series will premiere in the U.S. on Saturday, March 7 (12:00 noon, ET/11:00 a.m. PT) during ABC Kids on ABC-TV.” “It will not air on Disney XD, just ABC Kids.” 😦 Disney XD, a new channel aimed directly at Power Rangers‘ target audience.. and they opt to put it ONLY in their heavily pre-empted timeslots over on ABC instead? How retarded can you get? ..Also, expect 32 episodes again this season, with the finale being the series’ 700th episode…

I stayed awake online again.. all night last night. And I didn’t get to sleep until after my dad headed off to dialysis, somewhere in the 5AM hour. I then awoke around the 8AM hour to a muscle spasm. Ow. But aww @ our cat moewing in a concerned way upon my groans of pain.. I soon watched another Cinematic Titanic (lol, not as good as MST3k though.. of course.. but the newer pop culture references are nice :p), then updated my PS3’s firmware (a new photo gallery application in order to more eloquently view my pornographic images.. hooray!) and played some Lego Star Wars (sooo fun.. all over again :p).

Soon after my dad returned home from dialysis, we watched Ellen.. then I got online for a bit. I eventually returned and watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (hahaha.. had a hard time staying interested though 😦 ). But then I seriously fucked up my DVRings. Fucking awesome. Previous recordings were listed twice after the dreadful software update last week, one marked “Unknown ###” and another the show title. And I dnd’t notice this until I had deleted a few of IFC’s Hell Girl episodes and SPider-Man Unlimited episodes. Ugh. I deleted some unknowns and their matching titles became “unavailable at this time”. Right. -_- So I just deleted all of Hell Girl and gained some serious DVR space.. then torrented it instead.

Next, I watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 1 (I’m really unsure if I’m getting Season 2 at this point.. I’m enjoying it, just.. on the line.. or whatever).. then played more Lego Star Wars (wheeee :p).. At 6PM, I got online to news-gather.. Then in primetime, we watched Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (lol).. and the two-hour season premiere of Lost (omfgawesome.. wow.. *throws a hot pocket* lol :p).

And.. that was pretty much it..? See ya.

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