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BurgundyRanger has made it official: Power Rangers RPM is not premiering on Disney XD in February. My current guess would be that RPM will premiere alongside The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 in March. I just hope it’s March 2nd, before ABC’s March 7th premiere date. :/

It seems Power Rangers RPM may have their own exclusive Rangers again this year. Pictured here are the action figures for the Gold & Silver Rangers coming later on in the season, accompanied by three new Rangers that may or may not appear in the show. Coool. I hope they do. 🙂 And yay, a female “sixth” Ranger! Hope she appears for more than a millisecond, unlike that one in SPD..

Click the corresponding retailer for their ads for the week of January 25th to 31st: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. And since Circuit City is closing, their ad means nothing, like it did for me today (see below). And Circuit City had the only title I’m getting this week for a sweet price — just $17.99 for the Blu-ray AND 2-disc DVD versions of Hulk Vs. Damnit. Target’s ad isn’t that bad though, offering both the 2-disc DVD & Blu-ray versions for $19.99 each. But Best Buy needs to get with the program: the 2-disc DVD for $17.99.. and the Blu-ray for $24.99. Ack. Guess I’ll just price-match Target’s $19.99 price at Best Buy and get those Best Buy exclusive trading cards. 😉 ..Oh yeah, I saw all three versions of this release at Circuit City today. Only the one-disc DVD has holographic slipcover art (damnit), the 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray have just foil slipcovers. Plus, no cool green Blu-ray case like with the feature film. :/

I stayed up online to about 3AM, then awoke to the alarm at 8AM.. then fell asleep again until about 10:30AM. Damnit. SO got up quick, got ready.. woke up my dad.. and we soon headed out to media buy..

The bad economy has finally effected me. Not one store would price-match Circuit City’s ad this week, even Circuit City.. First, I headed to Best Buy. They were out of the $16.99 Iron Man Blu-ray (of course), but had merely three copies of the Pink Panther Blu-ray. I passed on Saw V here. Best Buy refused to price-match Panther from their $24.99 to Circuit City’s $17.99. Ugh. So I left with only a couple Lie To Me preview discs (for $1 each). Though I’m more interesting in the Dollhouse trailer also on the disc. :p

Next, I moved on to Circuit City. When I got there, I noticed they were hanging a huge yellow “Going Out of Business” sign on their storefront. My closest Target (that I’ve been going to since I could remember) closed last weekend and now this. Inside, they had 10% “new release DVDs” and 20% “Blue Rays”. They even had the only title I’m getting next week out on the shelf already — Hulk Vs. But the Blu-ray was marked $29.99, so I passed until next week. They didn’t have Pink Panther Blu even though it was in their ad. I picked up a copy of Saw V and.. passed on it once they tried to charge me more than was in their own ad. They claimed that the ad was rescinded and none of the prices were honored. 😦

Finally, I went to Walmart and picked up the Iron Man Blu-ray and the Saw V DVD. They price-matched Best Buy’s $16.99 price on Iron Man with no problem (after getting a copy from the back room), but refused the $14.99 Circuit City price-match on Saw V claiming that the crappy exclusive item made it a different product. Ugh. But I just wanted to get all this over with, so I just paid their $19.96 price.. then also turned around and bought Batman Begins Blu-ray for about that same price.. and got out of there.. Oh, they also didn’t have Pink Panther. Or maybe the guy who was so nice to get Iron Man for me just said “screw it, lie” so he didn’t have to make two trips even though I didn’t remember Panther until after he headed into the back room. :/

After a trip to Taco Bell, we returned home. And noticed I had another ad with Saw V at $14.99 (Fry’s). Wonder if WalMart price-matches after a purchase like Best Buy? Hmm.. We watched some of the inauguration stuff (just in time to see Bush being ushered off into his helicopter, nice), then I took over the TV and watched four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 1 (lol), last night’s House (ooh, good episode) and another Legend of the Seeker (awesome.. I really need to catch.. with.. everything).

By that point, it was already reaching 6PM. And so I got online to inventory the new discs and news-gather. In primetime, we watched 24 (hour 3.. got behind on this too 😦 ..and damn, this was an awesome episode too), Fringe (wow, great episode here too.. far from the slow start now, yay.. this one had a VERY fast first segment, wow) and Rita Rocks (haha). And soon after that, I returned to my room for the night.. and placed all my “media buys” Twitter updates onto my DVDAF microblog. Neato. 🙂

See ya.

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  1. itsbuttery Says:

    Hope she appears for more than a millisecond, unlike that one in SPD..

    Being locked to Sentai footage like they are, they’re not going to have a choice but to feature her prominently, since she and Gold are equal in their status as “sixth Ranger”.

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