Sunday 01.18.2009 — a depressing drive down memory lane…

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. And then I watched Bleach (eh, at least it’s more interesting than that “save the princess in the tower” plotline :p ..they’ll never return to how good those early episodes were (pre-princess), will they? 😦 ), Code Geass (awesome, great episode 🙂 ) and two episodes of Game Show In My Head (lol, keep this one damnit.. move it to cable if you must).

Then I tried to set some DVR recordings. But nope. Impossible thanks to Bright House’s shitty new DVR software. And look, people have been bitching about it online for months. Apparently, this software is tru2way compatible.. which is probably one of the very few good things it has going for it right now.. I guess. :/

I downloaded Skins, but something’s screwed up with the Season 1 encodes I got.. and they’re pretty much the only ones on torrent. And since I’m in the middle of downloading something else with limited hard drive space (of course), I can’t re-encode them right now. And I was wanting to watch them next. 😦 ..So I returned to the living room and watched the first four episodes of Get Smart: Season 1. About time, right? Season 2’s out in March, so I might as well get these done before then. I liked them. My dad commented how it should’ve been a cartoon and went to sleep..

After a little time online, I snuck onto Lego Star Wars. My dad got all pissed once he woke up and complained that it was all he sees on the TV anymore. So I shut that off and tried to watch a movie instead — The Rocker. My dad barely gave it a chance, then decided to go off somewhere. We talked.. a little.. and I was near tears again. We barely do anything together at all anymore, and TV’s all we have now. But he don’t care about it as much as I do.

All my life, all I’ve seen was family members leaving. My mom died, then my grandfather and grandmother.. then my dad would leave me home alone when I was way too young. Once, he was gone all night and I cried so loudly that a neighbor lady invited me into her home. And then I think my dad lost his job and apartment there shortly thereafter.. though I’m not sure. And now he was leaving again. I shut off the movie and went with him. We went for a drive to our old neighborhood and saw the last home that we all had lived in (mom, dad, sister, me).. and went to a few stores as well.

I remember the morning I woke in that house to find both of my parents gone. My sister was there though. And then the bad news that came home with my dad by the afternoon. It was the beginning of the end, for the both of us. My sister years later got into an argument with my dad, so we haven’t seen her in years. She still manages to send me a Christmas card every year though. But that’s about it. 😦 She’s probably a step-sister though, since she was around ten years older than me.

You’ve probably read some of this before, in my short-lived story series School. The first chapter is pretty much my depressing life story.. with the tacked-on suicide. After that, I had plans to bring the main character back to life with extraterrestrial intervention (the first and only chapter is titled “Life On File”, alluding to the fact that these aliens know and have recorded his entire life). Then he would have learned all about why he was living on Earth from these aliens, they would help him with his depression, then they would reveal to him that he was meant to become an important figure of some sort. But in the end, I just didn’t think I could write all that. I don’t know the opposite of depression. I don’t think I’ve had true happiness since my mother passed away over 20 years ago now, so I don’t know it. And isn’t the number 1 rule.. “write what you know”..? I don’t know college well since I’ve never been there, so that’s why Meta Theta Pi failed in that department. So now I’m back to Truth-Seekers. I’ve seen every single episode of X-Files and read LOTS of UFO books, so at least I know it well. And I’ll also be introducing New World Order elements in this new still-untitled series.

We had some supper, then I got online for a while. We watched Funniest Videos.. then I got online again for a while.. I really think I need a new cable modem. Again. The internet connection just dies, and doesn’t return until I reboot the modem. And after that happens (only sometimes, oddly enough), I have to close Firefox (in Task Manager), open Firefox, close Firefox, and open Firefox again just to get it unfrozen. It’s getting sooo fucking annoying. And I have like 20 tabs open. :p

I wrote some more Truth-Seekers while my dad watched Home Makeover. I so hate it when he watches that because all he does is complain about how much our home sucks and gets all depressed.. We soon watched Desperate Housewives (superb 100th episode.. loved it, definitely up in my top 5 favs for this show). But the episode dealt with death, so that didn’t really help the cloud of depression over the both of us today. Soon after it ended, I burst out crying. I didn’t particularly know why, but I did. And I turned the kitchen faucet on so my dad wouldn’t hear it.. for some reason..

I was just going to wait and download Mentalist later due to football inevitably running over. But my dad said he wanted to watch it, and so we did. Very good episode. But my dad doesn’t know that. He fell asleep like 15 minutes in. Ugh. -_- ..Aaand that’s pretty much it, cept..

The new Truth-Seekers series is coming along nicely. I need a series subtitle so bad, something that conveys the blending of aliens and NWO. Though I should change the main title too since there’s only one Truth-Seeker in it.. for now. But I need the connection to the original series, so no.. I have a major event planned for this series, but I’m unsure if I want to slowly build up to it or just do it right away to get the story going. :/

Well.. see ya..

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3 Responses to “Sunday 01.18.2009 — a depressing drive down memory lane…”

  1. gega_cai Says:

    May I have the most recent/updated chat log for #dominion?

    Tripod is shutting down as of 15th of Feb.

    E-mail that shet

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    lol @ looking at my site for the first time in years. So lame. :p

    And dontcha remember? I put them here more recently:

  3. prometheusufo Says:

    And now I’ve put the latest version up. Notice the small difference in the number of quotes over that large amount of time. A few of the new ones aren’t dominion though. 😦

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