Saturday 01.17.2009 — “I’m thinking of getting a parakeet. I’ll name him Tattoo.”

I awoke in the morning and soon watched Howie Do It (hahaha), The Soup (haha) and Best Week Ever (just stupider than ever, ugh -_-). A bit later, I finally was able to watch Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (episode 3.. the quality is escalating, yay.. best episode so far, imo.. awesome, looking forward to next week again :p), then followed that with Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, probably the best episode so far for this series too.. surprising), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (CN started it too early this morning so I had to fall back on my torrented version 😡 ..awesome episode though 🙂 ), Everybody Hates Chris (hahaha) and Crusoe (the “getting off the island, but then not getting off the island” thing is getting boring already.. second time now :/).

With my dad out, I got online for a bit. I was looking to watched a movie when he arrived home. I like a movie, I buy it. So what sucks is when I buy it.. and don’t feel like seeing it again right away. These movies pile up and my collection is crappily stored, so.. ugh.. We watched The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Great movie. I didn’t really want to watch it, but I really wanted to get it put away.. so I did. I found it difficult to pay attention, even the supposed extended cut where I didn’t notice anything new.. except maybe those closing credits.

We had some supper, then I got online.. and pretty much stayed online all night. But after opting to delete Sanctuary from the bedroom DVR, I now have plenty of space. So now there’s no big deal if I don’t watch anything right now.. And.. that’s about it.. except..

I cheated a few times a while back. I suck. I kept claiming my copies of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers German DVD sets were defective (which.. isn’t exactly a total lie) and got extra copies of all three seasons (all still sealed, just taking up space). All was fine with Seasons 1 & 2, but they charged me for 3 once the original copy didn’t return.. so that was the end of that. I’d like to sell them, but I doubt the DVD buying stores in town will take Region 2 DVDs. And I’ve never really sold online before, so.. :/ See ya.

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[ Chrysalis Nutritionist Stephen Heuer Detained By FDA ]


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