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The German Power Rangers DVD releases (with the original English audio tracks) continues on February 13th 2009, when FM Home Entertainment (aka Foreign Media Group) will release Power Rangers In Space: The Complete Season. I’ve sooo been looking forward to this season especially, so I’m really hoping there aren’t any release delays or missing seconds of audio or video this time. :p

I’m sorry. After rumors out of TheDigitalBits.com about a possible 12-episode DVD release for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I mentioned that I was happy that at least it wasn’t a 3-to-5-episode “volume” release. That release scheme would rake in more money for Warner.. And now Warner has set Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Galaxy Divided for DVD release on March 24th. The disc ($19.98 SRP) will include just the first four episodes of the CG-animated series — 101: “Ambush”, 102: “Rising Malevolence” (Part 1/3), 103: “Shadow Of Malevolence” (Part 2/3) & 104: “Destroy Malevolence” (Part 3/3). It will be followed by a second volume later on — Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Clone Commandos. Grrrrr. Bastards. 😡

Evil Dictator Bush has scheduled a 15-minute Farewell Address this coming Thursday night at 8PM ET, screwing up all the network’s schedules of new episodes one last time. FOX has pre-empted the new episode of Bones until the following Thursday, January 22nd. But at least we’ll get back-to-back new episodes then.. ABC will air reruns of Scrubs “already in progress” rather than a new Ugly Betty, while CBS’ new episode of CSI will air at 9:15PM ET (Part 2, with a rerun of Part 1 at 8:15PM). NBC will air a rerun of Earl “already in progress”, then proceed with new episodes of My Name Is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock and ER beginning at 8:30PM ET. :/ Luckily, CW’s new episodes of Smallville & Supernatural will be unaffected.. * haha’s, recalling the Supernatural promo he saw the other night: “Sorry for leaving you.. *hanging*” *

I awoke in the morning to the alarm and pretty much got to watching the last three episodes of Lost: Season 4 right away (awesome, ready for Jan 21st :p).. as well as some of the special features (the mobisodes were great.. wow @ all the easter eggs, so many of them on Disc 6 :p). My dad watched the news, then we watched some Ellen (though we both got bored of it quick today)..

Next, I watched 10 Items Or Less (lol.. the guys acting like 10-year-olds over the girls wearing tube tops.. “practically naked”? really? O_o) and The Mentalist (pretty good episode.. a witch episode, yay). And then I got on Home. I didn’t plan on staying for all three hours though. I was wanting to get to Lego Star Wars too. But I got sucked into some pool practice.. and bowling practice.. then three bowling games with a friend. lol @ how her friend we were playing with was being a bit forward with her. Soon after I got a fairly good score at bowling, he made comments that suggested “back off, she’s mine”. lol. I just wanna be friends. Sheesh. :p

I got off the PS3 by 6PM, then got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (not enough Cerina Vincent being all hot *shakes fist* ..otherwise, el oh el), Knight Rider (woohoo, action-packed episode.. with a lack of substance.. I was looking forward to next week for a while now, but once I heard Peter Cullen voice KARR.. wow..) and CSI NY (aw, poor Bonnie McKee.. a singer playing a dead singer.. then on top of that, they promote another singer at the end of the episode rather than her 😦 ).

And then I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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