dvd ads jan 18-24 / prison break final episodes / today

Check out these retailer ads by.. clicking them. C’mon, we should all know this by now.. Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Saw V is the only new release for me this week, and on DVD at that. I have all the previous films in their clear DVD cases, so I want my collection to stay perfectly matched. :p The basic edition of the film is $16.99 at Best Buy and Target, but $14.99 at Circuit City. Circuit City is also offering a flipbook keychain with purchase.. A Special Edition DVD with non-disc extra thingies will go for $27.99 at Best Buy. Target is offering a “deluxe” edition that may or may not be the same for $22.99. Saw V Blu-ray is $26.99 at all three stores..

I would get Max Payne, also out this week, but I’m wary due to reviews. I think I’ll actually see the movie first (for once). The Pink Panther (2006) is being released on Blu this week. Circuit City is offering it for just $17.99, plus you get a free ticket to the upcoming The Pink Panther 2. I liked that movie, so I may be in for that. I’d also like to restart my Marvel Movie Universe on Blu-ray, and this looks like a fairly good week to do it. Best Buy will have the Iron Man Blu-ray for $16.99, and The Incredible Hulk Blu-ray for $22.99. I may be in for one or both of those.. I might also try to get a few of Best Buy’s Lie To Me free preview discs. :p

The word is finally in from Fox: Prison Break will begin airing its final episodes on Friday April 17th at 8PM ET. 😦 ..

I awoke in the morning, got online.. then watched some morning TV (including some Ellen).. then got back online again. :p ..In the afternoon, I watched Kyle XY (season premiere.. very good episode, except maybe for the new powers that come out of nowhere :/). And then I wasted quite a bit more time than I wanted setting some DVR recordings. Our cable company changed our DVR software to something that looked cooler, but was way more annoying to work with. Ugggh. All the options I’ve gotten used to over all these years gone. I record shows together in one recording if they’re airing back-to-back to insure I don’t miss anything. This software makes it more difficult to do. Plus there’s a whole bunch of recordings that are now retitled “Unknown Recording”. Not to mention the new default “delete if in need of space” on the recordings, forcing me to pay even more attention. I can no longer jump to a day either (scroooooolll for ten minutes instead now).. but I can search by series title with an onscreen keyboard. -_-

Next, I watched two more episodes of Lost: Season 4 (great episodes.. three-part finale tomorrow, yay). And due to the DVR software bullshit, I didn’t have enough time to get on Home, so I just played a level of Lego Star Wars.. and baaarely finished it in time for my dad’s news to start. >_> So we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched 90210 (well, mainly I did, haha.. don’t like Jessica Stroup’s character’s new look.. look like they changed her make-up to match the other females of the show.. she was ..slightly.. more hotter before 😦 ), Scrubs (lol, these episodes were better than last week πŸ™‚ ) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (cool show). Then I returned to my room for the night.. and that was it.. See ya.

[ A Mass Murderer’s Goodbye – 9-11, 2 Wars, Millions Dead, Katrina – Bush: ‘We Had Fun’ ]
[ Hamas Is A Mossad Creation ]
[ How Zionism Is Using Hamas To Create A Greater Israel ]
[ Zionist Mockery & Desecration Of Human Life ]
[ Israel Is The World’s Most Racist Society ]
[ How Israel’s Propaganda Machine Works ]
[ How Israel Pushed Gaza Into This Catastrophe ]
[ Kawther – Israel Plans To Strike Gaza Hospitals ]
[ Report – Israel Testing Brutal New Weapons In Gaza ]
[ Zionist Navy Stops Iranian Gaza Relief Ship ]
[ DISGRACE – 99% Of Zionist-Run US House Backs Israel ]
[ US Congress Supports Israeli War Crimes, Massacres ]
[ How The US Magnified Palestinian Suffering ]
[ Olmert Ordered Bush/US To Abstain ]
[ Starbucks Supports Israeli Gaza Killing ]
[ Demands Grow For Gaza War Crimes Probe ]
[ Fri, Jan 16 In DC – Tell The Truth! Dump The Post! ]
[ 700 Israelis Arrested For War Protesting ]
[ GM, Chrysler Want More Bailout Money (big surprise) ]
[ ‘Heartless’ Obama Whacked By Helen Thomas ]
[ Andrea Mitchell Wants Obama Critics Suppressed ]
[ Mexican Illegal Tries To Sell Daughter In US ]
[ DANGER – Hate Bill Introduced In Congress ]
[ ALERT – Jackson-Lee To Intro Fed ‘Hate Bill’ ]
[ FDA – High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Not ‘Natural’ ]
[ Women Abused In US Prison Awarded $15M ]
[ Video: More Bizarre Pat Robertson Predictions ]
[ Video: Alien Artifacts Found Beneath Crop Circles ]
[ If A UFO Hits Your House – Are You Insured? ]
[ 10,000 Men Bid For Student’s Virginity – Bid Now $3.7M ]


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