spectacular spiderman vol 2-3 update / today

TVShowsOnDVD now has an early look at DVD cover arts for both The Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 2 – Rise of the Supervillains and The Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume 3 – The Goblin Strikes. The trade ad (also provided) claims that these two volumes’ DVD release on March 17th are timed for release with the second season premiere on Disney XD. So its possible one or the other are being held back for that reason alone. Meanwhile, the second season has already begun airing in Canada. 😦 … *torrents*

I awoke in the morning.. and only had enough time to watched one episode of Lost: Season 4 (awesome).. before my dad returned home from dialysis. We watched some Ellen, then I got online for a bit. Some snow was on the way tomorrow, so my dad brought up the idea of going to Best Buy today instead of tomorrow morning. And since there was no new releases I was looking forward to this week.. we did.

I was looking to get Transporter & Transporter 2 on Blu-ray, like I said in last Tuesday’s DVD ad thingy. But my Best Buy was completely out of the former film on Blu, so I said “screw it” and got nothing. I would’ve price-matched, but that probably meant no $5 gift card and no $5 off with Reward Zone certificate. Hopefully, they’ll be on sale again before Transporter 3‘s disc release in March.. I went to another store and got a 2-liter (yup, Mtn Dew gone already), then soon returned home.

..And got on Home. Haha. I bought a two-dollar virtual jacket.. then walked around for a bit. I really wish they would completely fix the reward system rather than just leaving it wit h this temporary fix. I still have one Echochrome item that I’m finding impossible to earn again. Ugh.. I finished Twilight (nice).. then played some Lego Star Wars (pod race, yay).

I ordered some pizza for supper for the first time in quite a while. I’ve so missed real pizza.. I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol, the new euphemism is great.. though still not as great as “eating a sandwich” :p), Two & A Half Men (rofl, great ending) and Worst Week (lol). My dad was still feeling weak due to dialysis, so he went to bed early. I then watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (lol @ all the unintentionally funny / politically correct little things I noticed.. I usually hate those “play-by-play” forum reviews, but something like that would come in handy here :p) and two more episodes of Lost: Season 4 (great episodes.. five to go already 😦 ).

Upon returning to my room for the night, our cat opted to jump up on my desk and block the view of my monitor. lol. See ya..

[ Gaza Death Toll Nears 1000 ]
[ 1000s Gaza Refugee Homes Destroyed ]
[ No Food, No Water, Refugee Executions ]
[ Fire Bombs, Dead Baby Run Over By Tank ]
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[ How To Resolve The Credit Crisis ]
[ Music Video: Michael Adams – I Want My Bailout Money ]
[ No Need For Condoms – GE Corn Works ]
[ UK Seals Off UFO Wind Turbine Collision Site ]


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