Saturday 01.10.2009 — “You’re Kamen Rider Dragon Knight now.. Happy?”

I awoke at 9AM and got online for a little while. But then I eventually watched The Soup (lol), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (wow, awesome episode) and Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, this one was actually pretty good too.. for once :p). I got online again for a bit, then watched episode 2 of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. This was a definite improvement over the first episode. Loved it. Cannot wait for next week. 🙂 That’d be neat if Bandai would be able to release the Kamen Rider RangerStrike expansion cards here.. but there’s probably not enough Ryuki cards..

My dad woke up from his nap and we went to the grocery store again. I spent a bit too much for some Pepsi (three 12packs for $11? ugh.. atleast they got the Mt Dew Voltage 12packs back in though).. then returned home. We then watched My Best Friend’s Girl. Well, mainly I did. My dad was reading his mail or falling asleep most of the time. He didn’t miss much though. Wasn’t that great of a movie. The short scene during the credits was great, but mainly just for Lizzy Caplan. :p

I then was able to watch the first three episodes of Lost: Season 4 (great start.. I almost forgot how awesome this season was), then we had some supper. By then, it was already 6PM.. so I returned to my room and got online again. But then I headed to my bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (very good episode, wow) and Ugly Betty (good episode here too). Then I got back online, read some Twilight (only a couple more chapters to go), caught some SNL.. then it was 1AM before I knew it. Ack..

See ya.

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