prrpm not in dxd press / ea sports home tour / today

Toon Disney will officially switch to Disney XD on Friday February 13th at 12 Midnight ET. Check out this press release talking all about it. Aaron Stone will have a one-hour series premiere at 7PM ET that day. However, Power Rangers RPM isn’t mentioned anywhere in the press release. And it covers the launch series and those to come later. No Power Rangers RPM anywhere. RPM has so far only been confirmed to premiere on ABC Kids on Saturday March 7th in their usual heavily-pre-empted 12 Noon ET timeslots.. 😦

The Official PlayStation Blog now has a new video with a tour of PlayStation Home‘s upcoming EA Sports Complex space. Wow. Haha, poker bracelets for your avatar.. I gotta learn how to play poker.. It’s coming to Home this Spring, aka “first quarter”.. aka “probably the March timeframe”. Can’t wait! 🙂

I awoke in the morning a little later than hoped.. after staying awake real late nearly half-asleep to finish the previous entry. :/ ..Anyway, I watched the last two episodes of Kyle XY: Season 2 (awesome, I’m ready for the Season 3 premiere on Monday 😉 ..they should’ve tried to make the second three discs like the first three though.. the deleted scenes are included on the disc with the episodes they’re from.. on the first 3 discs.. but with the latter 3, they’re all lumped onto the last disc.. and even worse is that the “play all” option only plays the deleted scenes on that page and there’s like three pages :/).

My dad returned home from dialysis and we soon watched Ellen, then I watched 24: Redemption – Extended Edition. I didn’t notice anything new. But of course, I had hard time paying attention due to my dad walking all over the place being his usual grumpy self.. and my attention span.. Once it was over, I got online for a while.. then played Lego Star Wars a little. I replayed the last level to complete it more thoroughly, then completed the next one after that too. Yay. :p

We eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (eh, this episode was alright), Flashpoint (great episode, missed this show) and Howie Do It (lol, though it felt scripted for a few of them.. it got better towards the end). And that was about it. My dad wasn’t feeling good, but managed to stay up anyway. His shakes returned today.. 😦

See ya.

[ Obama-Bush Teams To Stage ‘Disaster’ Exercise ]
[ Zionist Jewry Scheme For World Domination ]
[ Guess What? Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas In Gaza! ]
[ Israeli Carnage And Gaza Offshore Gas Fields ]
[ White Phosphorus Burn Victims Suffering Terribly ]
[ Eye Witness To Gaza ‘Death House’ ]
[ 50 More Childrens’ Bodies In IDF Holocaust House ]
[ Nazi IDF Evacuates Civilians To Home, Kills Them ]
[ IDF Kills UN Drivers During 3 Hour ‘Ceasefire’ ]
[ Israel Heroes Attack UN Gaza Aid Workers ]
[ Israel Retracts Lie Of Hamas Fire At UN School ]
[ Zionists Want No Journalists To Witness Carnage ]
[ Russia – War Could Go Beyond Gaza ]
[ ‘Israel May Target Iran Next’ ]
[ US Congress Applauds Israeli Butchers ]
[ Jewish Lobbies Force US To Support Israel ]
[ Kawther – CIA Puppet PA Cops Attack Demonstrators ]
[ Cop Murder Of Oakland Man Draws Rage ]
[ Kirwan – Government To The People ­– Drop Dead! ]
[ Fed Has Completely Lost Control Of The Economy ]
[ Feb 10th Doomsday For Thousands Of Businesses? ]
[ Fitts – Will Defense Run The REAL Stimulus Package? ]
[ Obama – Must Spend Our Way Out Of Recession ]
[ Obama Brings Big Government Back ]
[ Obama’s $60B Year Total Health Care Plan ]
[ Cheney – No Need For A Bush Apology ]
[ To Bush – ‘May You Live Forever, You Son Of A Bitch’ ]
[ Radical Stem Therapy To Fix Hearts, Bones ]


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