twilight dvd / zack & miri dvd / home update jan 8 / today

The hit film Twilight arrives on DVD & Blu-ray on March 21st. The expected special features include at least 12 deleted scenes, montages and a music video. Neato. And that early look at the Two-Disc Special Edition DVD cover art looks pretty cool..

Out of nowhere comes an announcement to expect Zack & Miri Make A Porno on 2-disc DVD & Blu-ray less than a month from now on February 3rd. Check out the cover arts, because there’s not many other details right now. :/

This coming week (probably Thursday), PlayStation Home will be updated with the long-awaited Red Bull Air Race space.. as well as a couple free Resident Evil: Degeneration virtual T-shirts in the mall. Sweet. 🙂

I stayed online late into the night, only stopping to briefly check out Lego Star Wars on PS3. I must admit, the graphics did look a little better than I remembered them previously on PS2. Wow. :p ..I awoke the next morning and watched Robot Chicken (finally.. lol) and The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha’s @ all the bits that weren’t meant to be funny.. and a few that probably were :p). When my dad returned home from dialysis, we watched some morning TV.

I eventually got online for a while, then soon watched two more episodes of Kyle XY: Season 2 (great episodes, especially “Grounded”.. so fun). After a brief visit to Home, I played though a level of Lego Star Wars (coool).. followed by the Lego Batman Demo (must’ve downloaded it over a month ago and haven’t played it until now.. wow, gotta get all these Lego games). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Knight Rider (the cast cull / reboot begins with this first half of a two-parter.. it was pretty good.. but I MUST see that episode in two weeks :p), 90210 (first time watching it in the living room.. my dad wasn’t interested, only recalling how my sister used to watch the original series a long time ago) and 10 Items Or Less (the in-episode advertisements were tolerable last season.. but this season? Ack, they’re going over-the-top with them and hoping its funny :/ ..but eh, there’s still quite a few worse series on TV than this one).

Annnnd that was about it for the night.. again.. See ya.

[ Icke – Time For The Truth About Israel ]
[ Gaza – No Place To Hide From Israeli Death ]
[ Israel ‘Is Using Chemical Ammunition’ ]
[ Israelis Deny Using Phosphorus (Despite Pics, Videos) ]
[ UN – No Hamas At School Bombed By Zionists ]
[ Tanks Destroy Clearly Marked UN School ]
[ 1/3 Of Palestinian Dead Are Children ]
[ Chavez – Israeli Military Are Cowards ]
[ Israel’s Strategy Of Terror Against Palestinians ]
[ IDF Ready To Take Entire Gaza Strip ]
[ Vatican Cardinal – Gaza Like A Nazi Death Camp ]
[ Israel May Face Charges For War Crimes ]
[ US To Airlift Supplies To Darfur – Not Gaza ]
[ Israeli Media Lies Failing – People No Longer Duped ]
[ UK Anti-Israel ‘Surge’ Since Gaza Attack ]
[ Gaza Killing Sparks Attacks On Jews In Europe ]
[ Courageous Jewish Editor Fired For Anti-War Story ]
[ Photographers Criminalized – Cops Abuse ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws ]
[ Obama Fiddles While Gaza Burns ]
[ Obama To Increase Spying On YOU ]
[ Obama ‘Stimulus’ Plan Pushes Bailout To $8 Trillion ]
[ Obama Expected To End Taboo On Military Gays ]
[ U.S. Stocks Drop – Most 2009 Gains Vanish ]
[ OPEC Production Cut Pushes Oil Over $50 ]
[ Trans Texas Corridor Not Dead – Just Renamed ]
[ Schools Sell Out, Take Money To Allow Cell Towers ]
[ NASA Warns Of ‘Space Katrina’ Radiation Storm ]
[ Mystery Roar From Deep Space Detected ]
[ Video: Friendly Parrot Pets A Cat ]


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