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Henshin Justice Unlimited has revealed that Mark Decascos will appear on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight later into the season. Who’s Mark Decascos? He played the role of Tyre in Stargate Atlantis, was recently the host of Iron Chef America and also starred in Dragon Knight producer Steve Wang’s film Drive. Coool. 🙂

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of January 11th to 17th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Mirrors is out of DVD and Blu-ray this week, but I didn’t like the film enough to purchase it. My Best Friend’s Girl came out of nowhere for me, but it doesn’t look that great either. Just look at that cover art at the Circuit City link. Eww.. However, Circuit City’s $15.99 price for Crank on Blu-ray sounds tempting. But even moreso is Best Buy’s selection of $14.99 Blu-rays, including such titles as 28 Days Later, The Terminator, Edward Scissorhands, Transporter & Transporter 2. I may just be in for those last two movies. Plus if you buy two of the $14.99 Blu-rays, you get a $5 gift card. Coool. :p ..Also at Best Buy: Chuck: Season 1 & Pushing Daisies: Season 1 will be just $24.99 each on Blu-ray, or on DVD for just $19.99 & $16.99 respectively. There are a few other notable DVD TV sets on sale as well. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning and got online for a while. But then our cat came walking in front of and blocking my screen, demanding attention. :p So we went to the living room and I gave him some.. then I fell asleep again.. I awoke again at about 8:30AM. I got online for a bit, then got ready to head out. But then my dad had to heat up the car and get all the frozen rain off of it. But soon, we were off..

Yup, all Blu-rays this week. I splurged a little more since there’s only two disc releases I’m looking forward to for the rest of this month. First, I visited my local Target and got nothing. They’re closing up on January 17th, and the next closest one is not all that close at all. 😦 I was hoping for a clearance deal on the PR CCG cards, but both them and the box were gone.. I next headed to Circuit City and picked up Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for PS3. I really enjoyed the two titles on PS2, so why not upgrade to the improved PS3 version for just $15? They also had Orange Box for just $15, but I don’t think I’d enjoy that as much..

I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Transformers and Pineapple Express on Blu. With the $10 off coupon found everywhere on the packaging of the Eagle Eye DVD & Blu-ray, Transformers went down from its sale price of $20.99 to just $10.99. Oddly enough, the coupon wouldn’t work but the guy at the register took off the $10 manually. I was going to wait on Pineapple Express to be cheaper on Blu.. but, yeah.. splurge.. $26.99. :/

I guess a lot of others were waiting for the Eagle Eye Blu-ray to get cheap as well. Best Buy had it for $22.99, but they were out of them. So I had to head over to WalMart and ended up price-matching the very last copy they had (which was $29.99). Wow.. Next, we went to the grocery store.. and we got groceries. :p Then I got some stuff at Taco Bell (they entered my order wrong.. and it was busy.. so I got a couple items free in the end) before returning home.

We watched Ellen, followed by three more episodes of Kyle XY: Season 2 (great episodes.. and “Grounded” is first up tomorrow, yay). My the time they were over, it was already 5:30. So we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Rita Rocks (haha.. probably the first and last time DVRing rather than downloading though.. why must EVERY show air on Monday night? :/), The Soup (from Friday :p @ the possible start of a spaghetti cat plot), the two new episodes of Scrubs (so weird seeing it on the slight-fuzziness of our ABC affiliate rather than our cleaner-looking NBC affiliate.. 😦 ..pretty good episodes, though I thought the latter episode may have gone a bit too dramatic.. should’ve been a bit more comedy to even it out, like the more dramatic episodes have done in the past) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (good show, especially the ugly Americans).

And that was about it. Another day over.. *sigh* See ya.

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[ Obama’s Vile Statement On Gaza Slaughter ]
[ Israelis Intensify Slaughter In South Gaza ]
[ Israelis Blast School In Gaza, Several Killed ]
[ Israeli Zionist Jews Massacre 40 In UN School ]
[ Butcher Israel To Open Limited Relief Corridor ]
[ Chief Rabbi ‘Blesses’ IDF Gaza Blood Bath ]
[ Israel Vows More Slaughter Until ‘Peace’ ]
[ ‘As I Ran I Saw 3 Of My Children. All Dead’ ]
[ IDF Massacre ‘Will Never Break Our Will To Be Free’ ]
[ World Outrage – 700,000 Demonstrate In Turkey ]
[ Oz Jews Protest Israeli Rape Of Gaza ]
[ Peres – Israel Not Worried About World Image ]
[ Kawther – Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador ]
[ Ex-Israeli MP – ‘Blood On Our Hands’ ]
[ Bush’s Last War Crime ]
[ Bush’s Psycho Ponzi Scheme Presidency ]
[ Zionist Agent Blair To Get US Medal ]
[ CIA-MI6 Involvement In Mumbai Attack ]
[ India Says Pakistan Backed Mumbai Attacks ]
[ ‘Al-Qaeda’ (Mossad/CIA) Resurrects al-Zawahri ]
[ There Will Be No Immigration Amnesty In 2009 ]
[ Trans-Texas Corridor Is Dead – TX DOT ]
[ Roberts – Whatever Happened To Western Morality? ]
[ German Billionaire Commits Suicide ]
[ US Home-Schooling Growing In Popularity ]
[ Food Terrorism Tops 2009 Safety Scare List ]
[ Scientists Claim Irradiation Safe For Your Food ]
[ Bug-Based Food Colorings Finally Labeled ]
[ Charity Homes Built By Celebs & Carter Fall Apart ]
[ Ancient Temple In Turkey Dates To 9,000 BC ]
[ Our Milky Way Galaxy – Bigger Than Thought ]


3 Responses to “mark decascos krdk / dvd ads jan 11-17 / media / today”

  1. campuschris Says:

    A) The orange box for 15 isn’t a bad deal. You may or may not like the rest of the games, but Portal is certainly the best I’ve seen

    B) (for your news gathering links)

  2. grnrngr Says:

    And, if you buy the story, Mark Decascos was also the original Red Ranger in the first Saban sentai-adaptation pilot.

  3. koulagirl666 Says:

    Mark Dacascos from The Crow TV series? He’s pretty. =) And he has a martial arts background!

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