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FUNimation has acquired the US license to Evangelion:1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, the first of four anime films that retell the story of the awesome Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. It’s about time someone got it. Damn. I’ve been waiting impatiently for a US release for months and months now. And yes, FUNi’s deal does include the enhanced 1.01 version of the film. Awesome. I really hope they can get the original English dub cast back for it though.. So cannot wait to see this on DVD or (preferably) Blu-ray… on November 10th 2009….. 🙂

On March 24th, The Grudge 3 arrives directly to DVD, starring Saw‘s Shawnee Smith and Star Trek TNG‘s Marina Sirtis. Nice. The only special features will be some making-of featurettes. If this R-rated film is under $20 on release week, I think I’ll pick it up. And with the SRP being just $24.96, that’s pretty likely. I didn’t enjoy the original.. US remake.. until I saw the director’s cut. Then I enjoyed Grudge 2 a bit more, so.. 🙂

I awoke a bit after 7AM to the cat walking on me. He just walked right up and sat on me. lol. Then I got online for a while. It was then (via online banking) that I noticed that our checks were in a day early. Yay. I alerted my dad to this fact, it took quite to get ready.. then we took off to waste / spend a good amount of it. I mean really, after paying up all the bills, my dad has under $100 to last the rest of the month. And that’s with me paying all the cable bill. His food stamps help, but still.. But anyway..

First, I headed to the bank and got out the usual money for the cable bill and handed it over. And then I want to WalMart. There, I picked up DBZ Season 7. They had it for their usual $30, so it wasn’t that bad. I saw it on Tuesday and decided to get it. I’d also hate to wait until after this is finished being released before getting the DBGT box sets since WalMart is selling the older DBZ sets for $5 more. Why did FUNi release DBGT so early anyway? Ugh. There’s at least two more “seasons” left before DBZ is even complete.. I also picked all packs of the PR CCG that they had left.. which was.. one pack. And nothing new, except maybe a gold card I already have two of. :p

My dad and I went into Borders next and we each bought a calendar. 50% off. I was actually bored of staring at the Playboy calendar that I bought for a buck mid-January last year.. so I got a Dark Knight calendar instead. *shrug* My dad got his usual Colts. :p ..I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Death Note Vol 8 and DBZ Double Feature 4. Death Note‘s almost over, so I can finally watch it all soon. Yay. And the next DBZ Double Feature in February oddly skips a movie and goes out of order for the first time. Though with there being three Broly movies (the first of which is the one being skipped) and not enough movies for three more Double Features, I’m thinking a Broly Triple Feature release is on the horizon. Neato. {Edit: Oh.. there it is. :p)

I got my usual icee (though it was cold out again today), then headed to Walgreens.. and got nothing. Then we went to Kroger and got some groceries. Finally, we returned home and once I had settled.. it was too late to start Kyle XY. Damnit. So instead, I just got on Home for about three hours. I actually bought a couple items for my home space (non-usable barbecue grill and samurai swords that no one but me will ever see.. sweeeet), then hung out with some friends. I even stayed on there about 40mins pas 6PM since it didn’t seem to bother my dad. But then I finally got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched CBS’ reruns of Big Bang Theory (lol) and How I Met Met Mother (haha, just watched this one on DVD, so yeah..).. followed by Death Race: Unrated. I enjoyed it.. almost enough to purchase. Just barely, so on the fence really. Maybe I’ll get it someday, maybe I won’t. *shrug* But I did like it. My dad fell asleep for a lot of it though. Then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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