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TheDigitalBits Rumor Mill reports to possibly expect Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season One, Volume One on DVD (and possibly Blu-ray) on March 25th. But don’t worry, they’re not doing some lame 4-6 episode release like another show I know. This is expected to include the first “10 to 12 episodes” of the CG-animated series. Yay. I was hoping they’d do this kind of release (or a complete season.. at least it’s not a 4-6 episode disc). I hope it’s actually 13 episodes though, so that the remaining 13 episodes of the first season can be put on a second set, quite like TMNT 2k3‘s half-season sets. 🙂

And here go again, only on a much larger scale.. Remember when my cable company Bright House refused to pay up to our local CBS affiliate and we lost the channel altogether for most of October 2008..? Well, Bright House Networks parent company Time Warner Cable is now refusing to pay carriage fees to Viacom for their nineteen channels. If a settlement isn’t reached, those nineteen channels will be lost to 13 million subscribers (including us) as early as late tonight. That’s surely a lot more than just three or so affiliates like last time. And we’re talking some major channels here — Comedy Central, all the MTV & VH1 channels, The N, Nickelodeon, Spike.. All gone. Ugh. 😡

“In a ironic twist of fate, one of the companies that might be testing out the PS3 Home is Microsoft. There is a project in progress with the goal of researching the viability of using the PS3 Home for holding business meetings in a virtual world in order to save time and money.” lol. Also funny is “As it turns out the PS3 Home is considered to be one of the most advanced virtual environments out there.” compared to Microsoft’s previous comment “It feels like 2005 tech in 2008. I’m not sure that’s what people want.”. lol. :p

So I awoke in the morning.. and got online.. then we had some breakfast. We watched a little morning TV, but mainly waited for the mail. It came and my dad took off with his first check for the month.. I then watched the remaining six episodes of Scrubs: Season 7 (lol.. a bit sad Kelso plotline though.. I bet they wanted to go in a certain direction with that, but NBC fucked that all up when they canceled it 😡 ). My dad then returned home.. as I was getting on Home.

But since not many of my PSN friends were online in Home, I soon left and tried out a couple recently-downloaded demos instead. First, I checked out Sonic Unleashed. I like it. But I made sure to go slow to pick up all the rings and break everything, defeating the one thing this game is about. :p ..And then I checked out WipEout HD Trial Version (from the Hong King PS Store). Wow. I loved this. Almost the whole time I played it, I was like “I gotta buy the full version”. Then I got on PS Store and saw it cost $20.. and then that changed to “oh… nevermind. 😦 “. I want it.. but just that’s a bit too high, methinks. I probably would’ve gotten it for $15. :/

My dad went out and got some Hardee’s for supper. omg, great thickburgers.. After that, I got online to news-gather. I got that over quickly, then heard about the New Years T-shirts on Home Japan & Hong Kong servers. So I partly took over the TV while my dad was watching it (only took over during the commercials) in order to get shirts for each of my JP & HK accounts. Only available for a limited time, and they’re in three different versions (“2”. “0” & “9”). I only got 0’s on my two HK accounts, and since the Japan shirt is kanji.. I can’t read that. :/

So anyway.. In primetime, we watched Knight Rider (wow, great episode.. I’m probably going to miss episodes like this when they revamp this series next year 😦 *closing credits preview* omgfuckingawesome.. KARR!) and another Leverage (oh, a nemesis.. I like it.. good episode), then I returned to my room. Though I did go back into the living room for the big 12:00.. but that was about it..

Happy New Year.. See ya.

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