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Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of January 4th to 10th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Besides a few modest sale prices on some Blu-rays, there isn’t much here for me again this week. And just like last week with Eagle Eye, I’m considering to buy the Pineapple Express 2-disc DVD ($22.99 everywhere), get the Blu-ray for a price that is still a bit too high for me ($26.99 at Best Buy and Target).. or not buy it at all and wait for the Blu to get cheaper..? *sigh* I enjoyed it.. reasonably enough.. in the theater that I could hold off on it for a bit.. Hm..

NinjaTurtles.com webmaster Dan Burger has revealed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back To The Sewer will be the eighth and final season of the animated series that began in 2003. No new episodes are being produced “at this time”. 😦 Two episodes remain unaired, as well as a three-episode TMNT 25th anniversary OVA “movie”. None of them have airdates at this time. The Ninja Turtles celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2009..

Yeah, so I fell asleep too early, before my previous entry was done. I awoke at 7AM to find that power had browned out or something. So I got the computer back on and finished up that entry. I returned to the living room just to watch Robot Chicken (lol.. liking the episode titles this season too lol — “Help Me” “I’m Trapped” “In A DVD Factory”), then got back online again. And I stayed online for a little while after my dad returned home from dialysis. But then we got ready and soon headed out to news-gather..

I have sooo missed this. It’s not just the DVDs I get, but the.. getting out of the house.. that I also enjoy. Even though I still find it hard to talk to anyone but my dad besides the occasional mutterings of “thanks” and “you too” (in reply to “have a nice day”).. First, I went to WalMart and found nothing. I was hoping Kyle XY would be cheaper there, but nope. It probably would’ve been. There was two other ABC Family DVDs out today and those were in all the ads. WalMart had one of them for $29.98, what I expected Kyle to be. Grrr. The DVD lady there got a little wise about it, talking like if they didn’t have it, it must not have been released at all. :/ I did see some cheap Blu-rays on Tuesday. May come back Friday to look those over again.

Next, I moved on to Best Buy and immediately picked up one of their five copies of Kyle XY: Season 2, made sure the packaging was perfect (as well as look over a few other DVDs), then got out of there. It wasn’t until I got out to the car that I noticed the Best Buy $34.99 sale price this week was actually the regular price. Ugh. Disney must’ve stopped caring about Kyle XY on DVD. The two others are on sale and in every ad, but this one gets barely one mention.. I went to Speedway and got the icee I had missed, as well as a some 20oz Pepsis just for the points. Pepsi Stuff ends tomorrow and I’m only three points away from something reasonably worth getting..

I returned home and put all three Pepsi codes online and ordered. Another USB drive would be nice, I guess. Wish it were bigger then the ones I’ve already got though.. I then watched the first five episodes of Scrubs: Season 7 (lol, good episodes.. I liked seeing the tiny continuing plot points that I has missed upon first airing), then got on Home for the rest of the afternoon. Y’know what’s more annoying than the perverts trying to flirt with female avatars in Home? Having your 60+-year-old dad looking over your shoulder and asking you to grab a female avatar’s breasts. -_-

The Hong Kong & Japan Home servers have an Open Beta Commemorative Object available for doing a survey in the Theater. It looks just like the Closed Beta version that I’ve always wanted (a silver trophy of the Home logo with a small LED display running around it). But due to region-locking, I still can’t own it on my US account. Damnit, Sony. Port these rewards, you bastards. Or at least re-open the regions. 😦 ..We had some supper, then I shut off the PS3 a little while after 6PM. I’m trying to download the Wipeout HD free demo from Hong Kong’s PS Store. But its so big.. and it only downloads when not using bandwidth. So its taking forever.. I got back online to news-gather.

In primetime — surprise, surprise — nothing to watch. So we watched yet another movie — Mirrors. I went in not expecting too much and ended up liking it. There’s definitely some cheesy “ha”-worthy moments, but otherwise.. I liked the story. haha’s @ all the random anime posters placed in this little kid’s room. A few of them looked a little too fanservice-y for someone that age. :p And then they had to do that twist ending that I didn’t exactly like all that much. *shrug* ..After that was over, we watched the night’s new episode of According To Jim (lol…). And then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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“It is interesting to observe that what are often referred to by defenders of the government’s 9-11 storyline as ‘conspiracy theories’ were first articulated by mainstream commentators and experts.” — Early 9-11 Reporting Mentioned Anomalies


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