kyle xy fancast / today

[Current Music Download|Trillion – Super Size My Aspartame @ MediaFire] will debut the third season premiere of Kyle XY on January 7th, five days before it makes its TV debut on ABC Family January 12th. And on January 5th, the website will host a chat with series star Matt Dallas at 4-5PM PT. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and.. got online for quite a while. I also played with our cat a little.. Once my dad was finished with his news, I watched episodes of Crusoe (ooh, good episode.. about time :p) and Crash (another very good episode), then got on Home for the rest of the afternoon (had a good time, something I haven’t had there in a little while now.. well, I was having a good time until the end of it anyway 😦 ). We had some supper, then I got back online to news-gather (wow, found something :p).

In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother even though they were reruns because my dad wanted to see them. But then we watched Lakeview Terrace after that. Pretty good movie. Definitely worth a rental at least. After that was over, it was already nearing 11PM, so I returned to my room for the night. I stayed up late, then sorta fell asleep too early. 😦

Well.. see ya..

[ Can The People Save Their Constitution? ]
[ Cops Have No Obligation To Protect Individuals ]
[ Israel Pounds Defenseless Gaza For 4th Day ]
[ Israel’s Attack On Gaza Is A Massacre ]
[ Jews For Peace Appalled At Slaughter In Gaza ]
[ Axelrod Likes Israeli Attack On Gaza ]
[ Israel Said In 6 Months Of Secret Planning ]
[ Israel Tries To Blame Hamas For Gaza Horror ]
[ Bush Blames Hamas For Gaza Massacre (Up Is Down) ]
[ The Bush Plan For ‘Peace’ ]
[ Israel Warns US Again Over Not Attacking Iran ]
[ Oil, Gold Prices Sharply Higher On Gaza Killing ]
[ Fallout Starts After ‘Horrific’ Holiday Retail Season ]
[ GMAC Gets $5 Billion Bailout ]
[ US Faces Immigration Nightmare In 2009 ]
[ Yellowstone Supervolcano Rumbles, Many Small Quakes ]
[ 2008 – The Global Warming Hoax Exposed ]
[ Holocaust Remembrance – Who’s Behind It? ]
[ The Anne Frank Diary Fraud ]
[ The Medical Mafia – Over 20 Cures For Cancer Alone ]
[ Music Video: Super Size My Aspartame by Trillion ]
[ A Computer Inside A Molecule ]


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