Sunday 12.28.2008 —

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I was thinking about getting Eagle Eye Blu-ray right away.. but perhaps I’ll wait now. Hmm. The Dark Knight Blu is already just $22 in this week’s Target ad. :p Target & Walgreen’s are re-promoting Mountain Dew Voltage, which gets its retail re-release this week. Yay.. I then watched Bleach (yeah, there’s parts I like.. they’re just more few and far between than they used to be.. liked this episode though), the Degrassi TNG Minis (should’ve watched these Holiday webisodes earlier.. was wanting to wait and watch all of the parts together.. nice though) and Smile, You’re Under Arrest (Fox Reality Channel’s new hidden camera show where fugitives are pranked then arrested, haha.. I could tell the budget was cheap though, and it felt too much like Cops, not enough like Punk’d).

I followed that by playing some more GTA IV (whee *hits other cars & runs over peds* :p), then shut it off when my dad’s football game was starting. I got online for a while, then burned another data disc. I found out how to burn them slower.. but the only two options were max (16x) or 1x. No in-between. But I burned it slow anyway. I need more blank DVDs, and luckily Best Buy has Verbatims in their ad this week (50pk for $12.99). 🙂

I eventually made my way to the bedroom DVR and watched Graham Norton: Doctor Who Special (oh, wasn’t much to that.. but still pretty funny) and two episodes of Naruto (very good episodes.. I should really get caught up with the CN airings).. I returned to the living room by that evening. We had some supper, then watched Penelope (aw, cute movie.. we both liked it) and Cry Wolf (I watched just for Sandra McCoy.. and liked this one more than I expected, though even I got a bit confused by all the “he did this, she did that” flashbacks that must’ve taken up about 15 minutes of the movie :p, doubt it’s on Blu yet). And then I returned to my room and got online again. And before I knew it, it was almost 2AM already. Ack..

Hottt.. See ya. >:)

[ Israeli Troops Mobilize As Gaza Assault Widens ]
[ Gaza Attacks Condemned As Genocide ]
[ Iran Jews Slam Israel Over Gaza – US Jews Silent ]
[ Cowardly US Blocks UN Resolution Against Israel ]
[ Zionist Dupes In UK & US Refuse To Tell Israel To Stop ]
[ Kawther – Israel Morally Bankrupt, Led By Psychopaths ]
[ Makow – Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda ]
[ US For Sale – States To Sell Off Parks, Roads! ]
[ Menorahs Allowed While Crosses Banned ]
[ Rather $70M Suit To Hit Bush ‘Legacy’ Hard ]
[ Obama Eligibility Still Focus Of SCOTUS Conference ]
[ Sinclair Vehicle’s Brake Sensor Line CutPhotos ]
[ 10 Things That Won’t Survive The Recession ]
[ Anger Over Newest Fake Holocaust Story ]
[ Another Holocaust Fabrication Exposed ]


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