no news.. duh / today

Once my dad went to bed, I.. pretty much got on Home.. and stayed on it all night long. I finally shut it off and got to sleep.. at about 8AM.. I awoke to my dad returning home from dialysis about 3 hours later. I got online for a while, then returned to the living room and watched Disaster Movie: Unrated. Another hour & a half I’ll never get back. Ugh. I liked moments, but the movie sucked overall.. of course. This was probably the worst one from these guys yet. I mainly kept watching due to Vanessa Minnillo. She needs to be in more movies, ones that DON’T completely suck..

I tried watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special.. but the file wouldn’t play on my PS3. Hooray. It acted difficult copying it to the PS3 as well.. So I got the PS3 online and played GTA IV.. in single-player. I needs trophies. I only have one. 😦 During this session, I got pretty close to one though.. I shut it off at 6PM, then got online.. to.. news-gather. Then I woke my dad up at about 6:30. He hadn’t intended to sleep that long.

We had some supper. Then there was nothing new on TV yet again, so we watched a couple more movies — Hamlet 2 (haha, loved this movie.. the movie’s message about people overreacting to politically incorrect stuff is great.. “Raped in the face!” lol.. I can see myself buying this one at some point & it’s definitely worth a rental.. my dad thought it was weird though) and Babylon A.D. (wow.. it felt sorta like Fifth Element, only a little more grungy and.. not as awesome.. like Hancock, the first two-thirds or so are pretty good.. then it all falls apart in the conclusion.. but unlike Hancock, I don’t see myself buying this one.. maybe worth a rental for the good parts though, including Mélanie Thierry.. she’s cute.. and should be in more English movies :p).

My dad fell asleep again about halfway through the second movie. He’s feeling worse than usual, maybe because they had to take out more than usual in dialysis this morning. 😦 Once the movies were over, I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ Homeland Security Predicts Five Year Terror Threat ]
[ Bankrupt States = Con-Con & New States Constitutions ]
[ Chinese Pockets Fill As Americans Empty ]
[ UK Plans Secret Tax On ‘Nice’ Homes ]
[ Freedom Of Press Fading In Germany ]
[ Video: Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Message On UK TV ]
[ Full Text Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Message ]
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[ Israel Enraged Over Ahmadinejad’s Message ]
[ Peres Warns Obama Not To Talk To Iran! ]
[ Obama ‘Most Admired’ Man In World – Poll ]
[ Blago Prosecution Undermined By Conspiring Media ]
[ Pakistan Moves Troops To India Borders ]
[ Pakistan Will Deal Firmly With India ‘Surgical’ Strikes ]
[ Lusitania Lie Exposed – Tons Of Munitions Onboard ]
[ Leaked NASA Photo – Piece Of Wood On Mars ]


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