christmas day

I awoke to the alarm in the morning.. and got online for a while. But then I had to get ready to go out. And eventually, we were off down south to my aunt’s place. It took nearly 40 minutes each way. After a while of talking and getting to know her four cats, the four of us went out to a church to eat a short free Christmas meal. We then returned to their place.. then went home. I hadn’t seen so much empty land in a long time. Not to mention my aunt’s Christmas tree. She makes it up real nice. My dad hasn’t put up our tree in years and uses the cat as an excuse. 😦

So we returned home.. and had the extra food my dad got on the way out of the place for dinner. My aunt gave her brother / my dad a blanket.. and me a bag of leftover Halloween candy. ..Yay.. But my dad didn’t get anything for them, so.. yeah.. Not long after 5PM, I got online to.. news-gather? Nope, nothing. Of course. I got through all the usual websites quickly, then got bored while waiting for today’s Doctor Who Christmas Special to download. So slow. So I read some more Twilight..

In primetime, my dad wanted to watch that Deal Or No Deal garbage.. so I read some more Twilight.. I also played with the cat some, got online and watched some of the following Office reruns before returning to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ India’s 30-Day Deadline For Pakistan Ends 12-26 ]
[ India Nuke Command In Secret Meeting ]
[ Pakistan In War Fear Frenzy – Troops On Move ]
[ Created Crisis Causing Losses Across The Board ]
[ The Federal Reserve Abolition Act ]
[ The Fed OKs GMAC To Become A Bank ]
[ Bleak Economic Future Seen In New Data ]
[ Obama Wants Bush War Team To Stay ]
[ Brit Zionist Led Aristocracy Mass Internet Censorship ]
[ Photo Captures Image Of Light Being In NC Hospital ]


One Response to “christmas day”

  1. anonymous Says:

    For the price of a few of your DVDs, you could have got the ingredients for a great Christmas dinner. Just saying.

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