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A large amount of high quality Power Rangers images have been discovered at the French film website ToutLeCine. They range from Mighty Morphin all the way up to Dino Thunder and feature cast photos, still images and some clean video cover arts. There’s even looks at a few costumes that never made it to TV. Check out this Funaroboard thread for all the individual gallery links, or go to this ZIP file on MegaUpload (made by BlueStreak from RangerBoard) for “about 95%” of the images. Or how about checking out my RAR file on MediaFire, where I filled in the missing images. There was only about 5-8 images missing from the original ZIP, so I just filled in the blanks. 🙂

I stayed up late on Home again, as usual. And I actually managed to stay awake for a longer time. Though without the unlockables, it’s starting to become a pretty boring experience really. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been on it pretty much every day since mid-October. Or maybe it’s because with all the new people, I can no longer hang out with the cool closed beta people that aren’t on my friends list. There is a club I’m in with them, but I barely got a chance to be in there before the club system became “unavailable”. Plus due to said new people, every single time I log on it’s always guys chasing girls and talking sex. Ugh. Getting sick of that..

As I was on that though, our oven finally went out. Our electric heaters weren’t doing the job, so my dad’s been turning it on to heat the place more. During a hospital visit long ago, the bottom coil stopped working. And now the top coil has stopped heating as well. It got cold pretty quick, due to the single-digit temps outside. Just great.. I soon fell asleep.. I awoke in the morning and we had some breakfast, then I got online for a while.

Once my dad nodded off to sleep close to the afternoon, I took over the TV and watched more episodes of Legend of the Seeker (this is pretty good show, really.. though keep in mind I never watched Xena or Hercules :p) and Crash (another great episode.. definitely reaching DVD purchase territory.. if I can afford it that is). Then I just got on Home for a few hours. I spent most of my time in the Mall today.. just loitering.. and getting a lot of idiot guys to follow my female avatar around like hungry puppies. Yuck..

So the oven went out last night. My dad called the maintenance guy to fix or replace it. He claimed to be busy at another apartment complex.. then he didn’t arrive until real late.. and didn’t even really do anything. He’ll be back tomorrow now. And so we had to had to have some cheap TV dinners rather than something from the oven. Oh, and we had to freeze in our home all afternoon and night too. 😐

I got online to news-gather, then finished up.. by 8:30. Didn’t even realize the time until it was after 8. But there wasn’t anything on until later, so it was okay. I read some Twilight (eh, it’s alright.. for a shoplifted book anyway >_>), then we watched Prison Break (fall finale.. pretty good episode, ha’s @ this whole episode setting up that surprise ending that didn’t surprise me at all :p). My dad went to bed soon after that, then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

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  1. puperazzi Says:

    That file of pictures is awesome. Thanks for completing it!

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