Sunday 12.21.2012 — the invasion is here – everything dies

I stayed up late on Home again.. briefly.. before falling asleep. As usual. Damnit. And because I had my avatar in a home space, I wasn’t disconnected for inactivity. Neat.. My dad woke me up at about 5AM, then I soon shut it off. We slept again until almost 9:30. Then we quickly got ready and headed out for breakfast. The temperature’s in the single digits now, and the 20-30MPH winds only made it all worse. Wind chill was in the area of -15. Ack.. So after our meal, we returned home and I watched Bleach (had a hard time paying attention again.. felt more like giving my attention to our cat instead :p) and Code Geass (..this is a rerun.. gawdamnit.. it’s not back until January 10th.. why the break for this great show when the boring Bleach gets to continue? grrrr).

After all that crap was over, I got online for a while. Then I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched another Sanctuary (eh it was alright).. and that’s all I could fit in due to my attention span for it. :p ..Once my dad’s game was over, we watched movies. Four of them.. in a row. We watched Ghost Town (nice lightly-funny movie), College (nice over-the-top frat movie with plenty of gratuitous female nudity, woohoo.. but really overall, it was below average), The Strangers: Unrated (awesome movie.. must buy someday.. my dad kept ruining the tension with his damn comments about who was behind it and why the characters didn’t do certain.. but I still managed to enjoy it) and Eagle Eye (action-packed.. I had heard some bad things about this movie.. but I really liked it.. I’ll likely buy it eventually as well). Yes, I’m talking about purchasing the movies that I’ve enjoyed of the ones I have already illegally downloaded and burned to disc. My dad thinks I’m insane for doing something like that. >_>

Once all these movies was over, it was nearly 11:30PM. Ack. So I soon returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ Who’s Left To Trust In America? ]
[ $1.6 Billion Went To Bailed Out Bank Executives! ]
[ Top Banker Found Hanged In Hotel Room ]
[ Madoff ‘Fraud’ Used to Cover Loses? ]
[ ADL Screams Anti-Semitism! Over Madoff Posts On Net ]
[ US Gasoline Seen Hitting $1 Gal In 2009 ]
[ Supreme Court To Talk About Obama For 3rd Time ]
[ Warmonger Obama – 30,000 More To Afghanistan ]
[ Witness To GOP Vote Fraud Dies In Plane Crash ]
[ Gen Patton Assassinated By OSS And NKVD To Silence Him ]
[ Mumbai Police Story Fails – Karkare Death By 9mm ]
[ Digital TV – Mind Control By The Sound Of Silence ]
[ Shoe Thrower Brutally Beaten After Arrest ]


One Response to “Sunday 12.21.2012 — the invasion is here – everything dies”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Dude, why do you still watch Bleach? No offense bro but clearly you don’t like this show. I can’t remember the last time you had anything good to say about it. With this show you either love the characters or you don’t. If you are really into them then you should have no problem enjoying these episodes and should look forward to seeing what happens next. I mean really, you found #93 to be boring? Things got so dark and good towards the end. I can’t believe you found it to be boring.

    To each his own but I suggest you maybe take a step back from watching this or wait til #108 or so airs. I don’t know what happens but I hear it’s an incredible arc that can’t be missed.

    I will say I totally agree on how much you enjoyed Death Note and how your enjoying Code Geass. To me Death Note was a master peice. Truly enjoyable. Code Geass? I’m loving it and can’t wait to see what happens next. Yeah it sucks we gotta wait 3 weeks for Turn 07 to air but I understand why Bandai is holding them back due to the holidays and all. They don’t want anyone to miss them who don’t have a DVR or whatever the case.

    But, yeah, sorry to rant like this but I felt I needed to get that off my chest. I hope you’re doing good and happy holidays to you bro.


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