Saturday 12.20.2008 — Mila Kunis cheated on me..?

I got on Home late last night. I visited all the different regions, then rested on the US server. I had a hard time staying connected to it. And every time it disconnected, I had to reload Namco to keep those unlockables. Grr. I accidentally fell asleep.. and then I woke up a few hours later to find that I had been disconnected due to “inactivity”. Haha. Cool. Wonder how long that takes.. I shut off the PS3, then went back to sleep.

I had a great dream last night. It was as if I was living a movie or something. I was this guy hanging out one night with this girl, played by Mila Kunis (hott). We drove around in her little old beat-up car, getting into trouble. I recall us looking for a location to watch a building’s demolition (at night?). We crashed through some locked gates, then was chased out by a cop car. Then somehow, another male friend of ours joined us over the course of the night. We went to this hotel or something and my two friends went into someone’s room to use their bathroom, I think..? After what seemed like forever, I went inside, asking where they were and they soon came walking out. By the looks on their faces, they didn’t want to tell me what had happened to them. We ran out to her car and jumped in. We were all so quick to get out of there, they almost sped off without me. But she braked and let me get in, then we sped off again. And then the movie ended, so I told myself I might as well wake up.. so I did.. And all during it, my dad kept trying to wake up. I could hear him outside, but I was really enjoying the movie damnit. He was watching the news, where they were demolishing the old Hoosier Dome aka RCA Dome downtown..

So I got online for a while.. since my dad took over the TV and there was nothing new to watch this morning anyway. But we eventually had some breakfast and watched Leverage (episode 1.. that we’ve already seen, pretty much.. but at least now I can movie on to episode 2 & 3). While my dad was waiting for the mail, I saw a little Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s and got a kick out of it. Not because it was entertaining in any way, but because I didn’t know what the heck was going on (it was a battle scene). lol. :p

I got online for a while, then the mail finally arrived. We then went to a few places. My dad bought some things.. but I got nothing. I mainly came along to get out of the house. With no discs to purchase on Tuesday for once, it’s going to be pretty boring stuck at home all week. We returned home and got started on my Christmas DVD collection.. even though I only feel like watching four of them. The lack of money really helps ruin the Christmas spirit. That and family members who try their best to stay away unless community service is needed. Yeah, my aunt called, inviting us to some free Christmas Day dinner down south. But my dad’s suspicious about how she worded it, so we may or may not go..

So yeah, we started of by watching Christmas Vacation for the 34564576345th time.. and I enjoyed it. 🙂 We had some supper afterward, then I returned to my room and got online. I eventually went to the bedroom DVR and watched two more episodes of Naruto (the two 9/20 episodes.. pretty good.. but I’m so behind.. though I’m sorta glad due to the way CN is so sporadically airing new episodes now, ugh). After some more time online, I returned to the bedroom DVR and watched Sanctuary (only watched the pilot until now :p ..her daughter’s hot.. and the show’s okay too, I guess..). And that was about it..? See ya.

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