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PlayStation Home has been updated today to version 1.04. They’ve added male & female Santa suits, snow man & snow woman masks (fully covers the avatar’s head), and a Christmas tree in the mall.. that you must pay for with real money. But at least them and some other items seem to be cheaper than they were before. And at the same time, they’ve temporarily deactivated voice chat through Bluetooth headsets supposedly in order to try and fix the connection problems by removing some bandwidth.. Many are also reporting to be losing their unlockable reward items that they took quite a bit of time to receive. And any items that are re-earned at this time are gone again once you exit Home.. They’ve also pretty much placed the last nail in the coffin for one of the most anticipated features of Home by removing the Picture Frames and Media Sharing categories in the Mall. Meanwhile, the Home servers in other regions of the world get more game spaces, more mall stores and a decorated tree and snow in Japan.. while we here in the US get nothing but things to buy and things to try to deal with until they are fixed.. Merry Christmas, everybody!

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast, and watched some of the usual morning TV. Blah. I then got online for a while.. er, all morning. Due to all the Home crap I reported above.. And then once the TV was free, I got on PlayStation Home.. from like 12:30PM to almost 4:30. I got Japan’s Namco Museum Beta just to add some additional clothes and items to the experience. With today’s update, I now have to load Namco after every single PSN login in order to keep my items in Home. How retarded is that? Hope that’s fixed ASAP. I was also pissed about my missing Ice Breaker & Echochrome items. It took me what felt like forever just to reach the Ice Breaker shirt..

Besides the new items for purchase in the US Mall, there was nothing else added. A lot more was taken away.. I also visited the UK, Hong Kong and Japan Home servers with my respective PSN accounts. The UK Mall has two new stores with a few free items that I picked up. Hong Kong’s and Japan’s Home Squares both feature a light glaze of snow all over the place and a huge decorated Christmas tree in the center. It looked great. The blimp slowly circling was cool too. US gets none of this though.

The Japan server also has a new Namco Bandai space that’s made up like an arcade. It was pretty neat. Still don’t know what those soda and change machines do though (a banner pops up quickly similar to the “new item” banner but I can’t read Japanese).. I eventually returned Home to the US server.. and had to reload Namco again like I had mentioned above. That really pissed me off.. And for some reason, I purchased the Santa Claus suit for my avatar from the US Mall during my initial visit today.. and I later regretted it. Should’ve just gotten the hats (male & female) by themselves. But it would’ve cost me $5 from my debit card to my PSN wallet either way..

I did have a brief comedic moment in the Santa suit though: “MERRY CHRISTMAS! now gimme all your unlockables..” Haha. Damnit, Sony.. At about 4:30, I watched last night’s Pushing Daisies (hmm, pretty good episode really). Then I got back online to news-gather. We had some supper, then.. I stayed online. All night. My dad’s football game just happened to be airing opposite a buttload of network reruns, so I let him have the living room TV for the night. And I wasted all that time online rather than emptying some space on the always-full bedroom DVR. Ah well..

See ya.

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